Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Week To Go

One week from today, I leave for the beautiful city of San Fransisco and the whirlwind of RWA Nationals.

My To Do List:

1. Buy an incredible gown to wear for the Golden Heart/Rita Award Ceremony

Status: Done

2. Pick which pair of stilettos to wear with my gown.

Status: Done. I think. Oh heck, I'll bring two pair.

3. Make a list of what to pack so I don't do something really dumb like arrive in San Fran with nothing but stilettos and spare underwear.

Status: Done. I'm pretty sure I even remember where I put it.

4. Finish SHADOWING FATE and send to agents who've requested it.

Status: 5 chapters left, requesting agents all updated on my progress.

5. Plot out my daily schedule for Nationals on a grid so I arrive at all of my appointments and receptions with time to spare.

Status: Done, but not by me. My hubby stepped in yesterday and organized my whole itinerary for me to lessen my stress. Because he's awesome.

6. Figure out how I'm traveling from airport to hotel 1 to downtown and back to hotel 1 and then from hotel 1 to hotel 2 the next morning.

Status: Done, again by my hubby.

7. Buy various items needed by me in San Fran (new foundation, business casual clothes, sparkly eye shadow).

Status: Done, finished up today.

8. Download and print off worksheet outlines and organize in binder.

Status: Not yet, but I now have a list of which outlines to download so it's only a matter of time.

9. Send an update to agents currently considering DTR and offer them a look at SF instead.

Status: 1 down, 2 to go.

10. Do the whole e-ticket check in thing for my flights.

Status: Can't do that until 24 hours before I fly. Have I mentioned I hate to fly?

11. Polish my pitch for SF and write a one sheet to use for my pitching session.

Status: Not done but I'm pretty happy with the hook I have so it won't take long to finesse into a one sheet.

12. Write a log line to use for impromptu pitching.

Status: Not done. The thought of doing it makes my stomach hurt but it's on the list. It will get done.

13. Get my hair cut.

Status: Not yet.

14. Get a manicure.

Status: Doing that right before I leave.

15. Print off first chapter of SF to use for any workshops/pitching as needed.

Status: Will do that at the same time I print off worksheet outlines.

16. Print off cell phone #s of fellow finalists.

Status: Same as #15

17. Sleep at some point.

Status: 4-5 hours a night is enough, right? Right??

18. Breathe.

Status: Once I land and am safely in my hotel. Then I'll breathe. I think.

Note: My laptop is traveling with me in case I find time to keep you updated while I'm there. =)


  1. *squeals* I do so hope you've got time to post! I want to live vicariously through you!

  2. Breathing is kind of important. You might want to make a little room for that BEFORE you get to the City.

    I hope I get to meet you. If you haven't fainted from lack of oxygen, do come with Katy to the Top of the Mark on Saturday to hang with some of the Witchy Chicks!!!


  3. Danielle - Well who doesn't? My life is the pinacle of glamour and excitement.

    Lisa - Yes, I'm coming!! Thanks for the invite. =)

    Katy - They do, don't they? Try this instead: write 5 key statements about your novel on an index card and use that for pitching. Someone told me it works.

  4. Well that's what I get for trying to be coherent so late at night.

    Please note that "pinacle" is pronounced "pine-a-cull" and means "to shake loose every last pinecone from an evergreen for reasons that make no sense".

    "Pinnacle", pronounced "pin-a-cull", means the summit or height and is the word I wanted to use.

    Let it be known that I've never once shaken a single pine cone from a defenseless evergreen nor do I intend to start.

  5. hope everything goes well at the nationals, I'm not able to get to the Aussie equivalent this year, but next year I'll be on fire...

  6. Oooo that might work. *grins and runs off to try it*


  7. Sheesh. Looking at your list makes my head hurt.


    And you'd better make time to post. How can we go an entire week with no posts knowing you've got all kinds of humorous or exciting things to tell us?


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