Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday's List

1. In the course of watching an episode of Dirty Jobs (there's a man with a sense of humor I can appreciate!), I learned that honey, one of my favorite condiments, is essentially bee vomit.

2. I haven't yet recovered from this revelation.

3. How is it possible for one boy to lose three pairs of flip flops in the space of one month?

4. I dreamed last night that we received our packet of info from China and our daughter had shoulder-length hair.

5. Starshine has announced to me that he does not want me to give him more than 10 grams of sugar a day.

6. He then asked if having a piece of banana cream pie (left over from the 4th) for breakfast would violate this new principle.

7. I have the last few chapters of SHADOWING FATE outlined now.

8. That's a huge relief because I've figured out where every twist goes, what revelations to save for the end of the book (oh yes, I'm leaving you with a definite "Oh crap!!" moment to hold you until the next book!), and in what order I need to place the remaining scenes.

9. I've started listening to the soundtrack from Equilibrium and now I'm using it while writing SF as well.

10. One of my friends needs to have a Pampered Chef party next month so I can get some cool stuff.

11. It's been too long.

12. I want some more stoneware. :)

13. ABC Family had a Harry Potter weekend and we watched Prisoner of Azkaban together yesterday (yes, we have it recorded already but we watched it with, I'm not sure why. I wasn't in control of the remote.).

14. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that story.

15. I need to go back and re-read the entire series again.

16. Daredevil just started on book one. We'll see how that goes.

17. I'm working 12 hour days tomorrow and Wednesday to cover for someone's vacation.

18. Yes, I'm thrilled to be locked inside the restaurant dealing with strangers for 12 hours.

19. What? Isn't my excitement coming through?

20. My bad.

21. Reader Question: What series of books have you re-read or would you like to re-read?


  1. Orson Scott Card's "Ender" series. Love it!

  2. I'd never heard of this series. Just went to Amazon and looked it up and it sounds interesting. I'm not a huge sci fi fan (though this totally sounds like a movie I'd love to watch!) but I'll put it on my list of things to read once I'm done with SF.

  3. I've re-read the Psy books by Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole's paranormal series, Harry Potter [obviously] and The Chronicles of Chaos series by John C. Wright may have just become my favourite series to date. [Still need to buy it though]. Oh, I re-read certain books by Kelley Armstrong, Sookie Stackhouse, Harry Dresden and Jack the Repairman are also re-readables.

    LOL, oh, and certain series by Tanya Huff although the latest one ended in a way that sort of ticked me off. Luckily it was the last book in the series but I was still like 'what? You mean all those deaths? All that suffering and it could've ended before it started?' It made sense with the context of the series but at the same time the HEA didn't feel as sweet to me. Oh, and I ended up skipping chunks of the story because she wrote parts of it from a POV I didn't particularily enjoy and even though it was a first read through I couldn't connect with the character enough to even force my way through it. This was a good thing for me to see though, since I was playing with the idea of introducing a different POV later on into the series for a character who gains importance but now I'm not sure.

    Maybe it's just me, but for you as a reader, if you've fallen in love with a series and then you fall in love with the narrator's voice does it upset you when a new character gets a 'speaking' part? The book I'm talking about is written in third person, so technically it works, and I know why she did it, but I still didn't like it.

    I read Ender's Game and had the second book in the series but I couldn't read it. Ender was just so sad to me, all I could think about was the fact that through all of that, the way the manipulated a child and in the end he couldn't even go home. I felt bad for his older brother too, surprisingly enough.

    "That's a huge relief because I've figured out where every twist goes, what revelations to save for the end of the book (oh yes, I'm leaving you with a definite "Oh crap!!" moment to hold you until the next book!), and in what order I need to place the remaining scenes."

    Hmm, this is something I was wondering about, for the first book in a series for a new author, shouldn't it be able to stand alone? That way if the publisher decides they don't want to pick up the other books in the series just yet you don't leave the readers hanging?

  4. Wow, Jage! You certainly gave me a few months worth of reading recommendations. =) Thanks. I'll put these on my list.

    As for new authors writing stand alone books, all I can tell you is that series are hot right now. Every writer friend of mine who has sold in the last few months has sold series - signing two or three book deals. A published author who read DTR (before I started SF), asked me to find a way to turn it into a series even though it was a stand alone because it would sell better. =)

  5. David Eddings Ellenium series.

    Dennis McKiernan's Mithgar series.

    Simon Green's Deathstalker series.

    Just to name a few. *grins* I re-read a lot of series.


  6. I read the Harry Potter series at least once a year.

    I read the Shannara series at least once a year...I should probably get started on that since it is up to around 20 books now.

    I have reread several R.A. Salvatore series.

    I personally was very frustrated by movie #3's near complete deviation from the book.

  7. I agree that #3 was much different from the book and when I watched it right after reading the book, I was really disappointed.

    However, watching it again (first time I've re-watched it in a looong time) and having not read the book recently, I really did enjoy the movie. =)

  8. The Outlander Series by Diana Galbadon. (the one I was telling you about at work)

    Okay, I am just now reading it for the first time, but I know I will reread it again and again. Something that I never do.

  9. Ooooh Jage, I am so sorry you quit after Ender-- certainly the most sci-fi and least hopeful of the series. After that novel, the whole series takes a much more philosophical turn. Ender, himself, definitely comes into his own- but the real beauty of the writing is that Card delves into fantasy and yet explores quite real-world issues surrounding hierarchies, colonization, governmental responsibility v. authority, and oh-- little things like the meaning of life and such.

    As for the rest of your list, I must shamefacedly admit to having read fully none of it, save for Potter. ((blush)) Can't wait to track the rest down at the 'brary!


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