Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday's List

1. I checked my stat counter again last night to see if any new "key word searches" popped up and lo and behold, I found this search parameter landed someone on my blog:

2. Redwine murders wife.

3. Not yet, he hasn't, though if I ever experiment with canned salmon and soup again, he just might.

4. I am completely in love with the Dark Knight soundtrack.

5. I am once again master of the laundry. The formerly elected general in charge of the infamous Hamper Mutiny has been charged with treason and sent to its demise via some hot water and a scoop of Arm & Hammer.

6. Now I'm going to have people searching for Arm & Hammer landing on my blog too.

7. I'm nearly ready to leave for San Fran. All that's left is writing my one sheet, running some copies, and organizing my workshop binder.

8. Oh, and choosing which shoes to pack, of course.

9. I am not looking forward to flying.

10. I can only hope that a) dealing with the airport is easier than I expect, b) I'm not seated next to anyone who talks too much and bathes too little, and c) my breakfast stays exactly where it belongs.

11. I'll be writing the finishing touches to SF on the plane.

12. Daredevil had a friend stay the night so I have four boys underfoot this morning.

13. Thank God for the wii.

14. My hubby and I are going to try to get a sitter so we can go see The Dark Knight tonight.

15. I'm excited about San Fran but I'll miss seeing my family for nearly a week!

16. One of my favorite commercials:

17. Just a reminder that my new poetry blog is up. You can view it here.

18. Why is it necessary to constantly remind boys of the following?

*Don't pull your brother's pants down.

*Flush, already!

*Don't chew on anything that doesn't qualify as food-this includes throw pillows, table legs, and your brother.

*Shoving things under the couch/bed/pile of laundry does not constitute cleaning up.

19. Reader Question: What is your favorite "older" movie? (by older, I mean over a decade)


  1. I always have a "problem" picking an "absolute favorite." The three that come to mind immediately, however, are:
    LA Story, Metropolis (both Fritz Lang original & Moroder's revamp...looking forward to the FULLY restored version and crossing fingers that the remake waits to view the complete movie and does it justice) and Bringing Up Baby

  2. The Princess Bride. That movie is my go to movie when I'm bored and need something that will make me laugh but doesn't need all of my attention, lol.

  3. Katy - Oooh, one of my all time favorites!

    Peter - Loved LA Story but haven't seen the other two (my movie education is pretty spotty...)

    Jage - Inconceivable! This is one of my favorites too.

  4. OK- First of all, my Hub and I saw Dark Knight last night. AMAZING. Does NOT pull punches and made me think about it long after we got home.

    Favorite classics? Hmmm... so tough...

    Gone With the Wind (read the book first and STILL loved it...)
    King of Hearts (cult classic... sweet and funny)
    Breakfast Club (I'm gonna barf-- can't believe that's a frigging classic)
    2001: A Space Odyssey (broke cinematic ground and brought spirituality, art, and magic to sci fi... also seems just... true somehow)

  5. Honorable Mentions:
    The Princess Bride
    Gone with the Wind

    But the one that I probably watch Over and Over and Over is:

    The Adventures of Robin Hood(the Errol Flynn version)

  6. Somewhere in Time. The most romantic movie ever and it began my total lifelong adoration of Jane Seymour.

  7. Hmm...older than a decade?

    Star Wars Original Trilogy
    Murder By Death
    Evil Dead 2
    Army of Darkness


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