Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Weekend Fun

In the continuing saga of How Did People Find My Blog, I thought I would share the latest key word searches others have used to bring themselves to me (besides the obvious searches for either my name or literary topics).

1. Deli names: Again. I begin to feel bad that so many people are looking to me for inspiration for their burgeoning business. Let's help them out, shall we? Anyone have some good deli names?

2. Free book downloads: Not here, but I did post a link to Tor who is giving away free downloads through this Sunday. However, if you want to read my book, you must either qualify as a critique partner or shell out the cash.

3. Nostalgia redwine: Hmmm...either you're missing me and/or my hubby's family or you don't realize you can solve your problem with a quick trip to the liquor store.

4. Orchestral free bird: I don't know what to say. I really don't. What is an orchestral free bird??? I get "orchestral" and I certainly know "free bird" but I have a hard time putting the image of a dignified, classical music concert with the unfortunate mental picture of a drunk redneck screaming "Free Bird!"

5. Imminent heart failure: Let me give you a piece of excellent advice. If you're in danger of imminent heart failure, the answer to your dilemma does not lie with Google.

6. One-legged king pigeon: Ah yes, the torturous yoga pose for the disgustingly flexible. No visual examples of that here on the blog and you should be grateful for it. Very grateful.

And my personal favorite:

7. Bowling for idiots: My favorite game. I currently hold the high score but any of you are welcome to challenge my title.


  1. My two new favorites for my blog???

    "Honk if I'm polish"
    "Anne Boleyn spina bifida"

    What in the WORLD? And what did they think when they landed on posts about
    My demonically honking car
    Descriptions of random solo shows

    I have to wonder... is there any chance I infected you with my addiction to check these keywords?

  2. If blogs are good for nothing else (and they are good for plenty!) it is the joy of Random Fun, weekend or no. :) Thanks for the shot of the bizarre, C.J. Redwine! I don't have anything quite so curious from my list. It's just nice to know that other people are looking up "Jumanji cartoon" and finding me instead.

  3. I need to work out how to do this, I can never tell what led people to my blog.

  4. Danielle - You're on to me!! I admit I shamelessly stole this idea from your blog.

    And, I'm not sorry.


    Peter - I love the wierd things people search for. Random = fun.

    Natalie - just google "stat counter" and add a counter to your blog. Then you can check the key word searches that bring people your way. :)

  5. Bowling for idiots...ha!

  6. I'm so so sorry. I had no idea that OCD could be contagious.


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