Friday, July 25, 2008

Poetry Blog is Up

I've started a new blog for poetry, songs, and the occasional creative rambling (perhaps...had to give myself some leeway just in case.)

There's a link on the sidebar but you can check it out at Write of Passage. I've posted one poem today and I'll post one or two a week, I think. Perhaps more. Possibly less. How's that for definite?

Also, I'll head over there and put up a disclaimer, caveat, whatever you want to call it-feel free to copy and post any poem you enjoy onto your own blog as long as you give me credit for the writing and you link back to my blog so others can read me too. =)


  1. CJ,

    I dashed over and was in for a treat. It's a whole new voice for you, and I like it. Quite evocative.

  2. Oh wow. I think evocative is the right word. I was going to say beautiful but that doesn't quite capture it...too tame.

    I love how both poems you have up now have such a distinctive rhythm from each other.

    *tries not to envy you*

  3. any content coming ?

  4. Good question. :) I'll be able to focus on that again after I turn in my latest book. Right now, all creative juices are flowing in one direction.


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