Saturday, August 2, 2008

Conference Stats

So far:

5 cups of coffee (which is probably 4 1/2 too many)

4 requests from agents for SF

3 sips of champagne

2 requests for my autograph (I quickly recovered from my initial "WHAT??" response to graciously agree to sign my name beneath the pic of me in the program but it definitely felt...weird.)

1 trip to the theater to see The Dark Knight. Again.

Still to come:

The award ceremony, walking in stilettos and a floor length dress without initiating any wardrobe malfunctions, jotting down an acceptance speech in case I need this (yes there are only hours to go and no, I haven't done this), after parties, hanging out in San Fran tomorrow morning with my parents and then it's off to the airport for a truly torturous trip home (arriving in Nashville at 12:50 A.M.).

I'll be working on SF on the plane so that will make up for it a little.

No butterflies about the award's ceremony yet but I am excited. I don't even care if I win (strange, I know, given how competitive I am) because I've used my GH finalist status to network myself into a place of momentum and buzz and I'm good whether or not I cross the stage tonight. Plus, the other writers in my category are talented women. =)

Off to rehearse walking up the stairs without landing on my face.


  1. Oooh!! That's ok! I have butterflies FOR YOU! I hope you win! I hope you win!

    How exciting to be there and in the running. Break a... quill? What do you say to a writer? Um... good luck!

  2. Congrats on the bites for Shadowing Fate and may you have winning situation come your way...

  3. 12:50 Huh. You're going to have to hitchhike then. Sorry.


  4. Hey CJ sorry you missed out, have enjoyed your highlights of said trip, I would have gone ninja on the bus driver, that would have been fun. Congrats on all the interest in your novel, that's fantastic, want an ARC when you get one (yeah I'll put my order in now!!!)


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