Sunday, August 24, 2008

Googled Randomness

Once again, it's time to take a look at how more hapless readers became ensnared by this blog. Here are the latest interesting keyword searches:

1. Trick Up Your Sleeve: Oh yes, my pretty, I have a trick up my sleeve. More than one, actually. And don't you wish you knew what they were.

2. Salivitus: n. The condition of admiring a pair of stilettos to the point of relinquishing control over one's saliva glands.

3. Lifted With Feet Playing Airplane: Listen here. This string of search words doesn't even begin to make sense. Unless this is your convoluted attempt at discovering a way to actually fly while pretending to be an airplane and if that's the case, you've landed at the wrong blog. I barely lift with anything, much less with my feet, and I never, ever, play airplane. I don't need the nightmares.

4. Sentence With Sneered: Here you go. "Sassy sesquipedalian C.J. Redwine slid into her sexy stilettos and sneered at the silly sneakers worn by some." Sneered (used correctly) and alliteration for the price of one. I aim to please.

5. Psych Patient Humiliation Gown Gurney: Bet you didn't expect this post.

And my personal favorite from this batch:

6. We Know What You Ate Last Summer Love: And here I thought I buried the bones so well. Oops.

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