Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I Oughtta

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1. So, apparently The Half-Blood Prince release date has been pushed back from this November to JULY.

2. Why?

3. Because Warner Bros wants a summer blockbuster and apparently they have so little faith in every other project on deck, they need to disappoint thousands of fans.

4. I envision legions of Potter fans dressing up like Voldemort, or worse, Filch and wreaking havoc on certain executives...

5. This week I wrote over 9000 words and since I'm posting this Thursday evening at 9pm (I still have three writing hours ahead of me tonight plus tomorrow during the day), that number will end up between 11k-12k.

6. I'm seriously proud of that, especially since on a closer read-through, I rarely made stupid mistakes or missed a key character or plot arc.

7. This is all new material I'm interjecting in the front half of the book.

8. Next week is all about the ending.

9. Thank God.

10. Why must boys be instructed not to put their shoes on the coffee table? Where did they get the idea that shoes belong on a table? Is it instinctive? Genetic? Part of the brain-warp that happens when they get that testosterone bath in the womb?

11. I'm so used to interrupting my sentences with things like "Hey! What do you think you're wiping on that??" and "Don't throw the cat, she'll come back and kill you in your sleep." or "Continue with your present course of action and no one will hear from you for the next five years." that it barely phases me.

12. People without children give me strange looks but I'm used to that too.

13. My hubby just finished re-reading the Harry Potter series and now impatiently hovers over me, telling me to hurry up and finish SF so he can have new reading material.

14. This will shock you, I know, but I do not respond well to hovering.

15. It brings out the latent Felon in me and I'm really trying to save that for when I'm in my 80s and my Bedazzler isn't giving me enough excitement anymore.

16. One of my Pixies (the name the GH finalist group gave ourselves...long story) went freakin' skydiving today for her daughter's 16th birthday.

17. I'd go skydiving.

18. If I were stuck inside a burning plane which was hurtling toward a mountain and the crew had assured me at least five times that there was, indeed, no chance of a semi-successful landing.

19. Even then, I might require a push.

20. Reader Question: If you could go back in time (just to visit, you don't have to stay), what would be your first destination and why?


  1. WHAT??? They moved the date??? GRRRRRRR! They can't tease us with the trailer and then move it back 8 months. That's just wrong!

    Kudos to you for writing that much in a week! Awesome! You go girl!

    And while I may not have children, I would not be one of those people giving you strange looks upon hearing those comments. I've worked with kids long enough to understand. =)

    I have too many destinations to choose from to pick just one. I'd have to think about that for a while...

  2. Jinx- Yes, they moved it. And they hold all the power because what are we going to do to protest? Boycott the movie? Not likely.

    ND- I can totally see you loving England during the Golden Age.

  3. Good question. I think it would have to be the Roaring 20's. I'm fascinated by the music, the fashion, the art...

  4. I'd go to Italy during the Renaissance and soak in the creative vibes.

  5. I'd been waiting to see when you'd post about the HP delay. I've known for a while. Here's the official explanation if you care to read it...and there's a typo in the first sentence, by the way.
    I hope it does more than help to enrage you. I'm not all that concerned either way, but I do know what "pain" you must be feeling.

    Congrats on all the writing!
    I feel shamed. [Although I did write a trilogy in 9 months which eventually I edited down to one large book!]

    Personally, I think time travel should be used to witness theatrical (and concert) events that we could not have seen otherwise. Example: I'd go see opening night of the original production of Peter Pan with Barrie in the audience. ;)

  6. Mayberry - I fell into fascination with the twenties myself while teaching The Great Gatsby to high school juniors.

    Anon- Renaissance would be fun. As long as I brought my own soap.

    Peter- Yeah, my hubby works in radio and it's his job to know these things so I've had the disappointment locked inside me all week...I love how the exec says, in essence, "Well, we're actually doing you a favor! Now there won't be such a long wait between the next two films!"

    Nevermind that now there's two years between 5 and 6 and what's to say they won't pull this crap again?

    *sighs and gets off her HP soapbox*

  7. #17-19

    Yet another sign we were separated at birth. *high fives* I'm right there with you. :D


  8. Hmmm... My initial reaction to your question was to answer that I'd like to attend the Grateful Dead concert that took place at the great pyramids in Egypt just because it HADDA be cool.
    But I'm torn-- I might also like to visit Area 51 when it all went down just so I could know what the heck-- dude in a bad costume or some alien creature?! Also stops on my itinerary-- seeing the first production of Hamlet and meeting the Bard, walking on the moon, and some big fest in the ancient Mayan culture.... seems like those folks knew how to throw a party, eh?

    RE: HP-- have they already shot all the movies and are just holding off on the release? If not, are we going to see a Harry Potter who needs a walker and Depends undergarments?

  9. Lol, Katy.

    Danielle- It's my understanding that the 6th movie is finished and the others are in production. They're holding the movie just to generate a summer blockbuster.

  10. I'd go back to the 1940s when my in-laws met and fell in love so I could see for myself the depth of emotion between them, which I learned about through letters and journals after they were gone. I'd love to see firsthand the intensity of that love, a love so strong and enduring that my father-in-law was totally bereft when he lost his beloved to cancer. Their love remained steadfast and strong for over five decades and resulted in the wonderful man I married.


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