Thursday, August 21, 2008

In The Mood?


  1. My favorite C&H (paraphrased because I don't have it in front of me right now, and it probably loses something without the art):

    "What's that?"
    "It's a writer's block."
    "What's it for?"
    "You put it on your desk, and then you can't write there anymore."

    But not me! Not today! I am positively bursting with ideas AND marketing gimmicks!

    And nothing keeps you from actually WRITING like marketing gimmicks do!


  2. Thanks for sharing. Gave me an out loud chuckle. Calvin & Hobbes is just plain creative to begin with...

  3. LOL! That's me today, panicking over my revisions....

  4. Kerry- LOL! Marketing gimmicks are terribly distracting, aren't they? I've been dreaming about magnets, bumper stickers, and t-shirts with a gorgeous shoe and the slogan "Stilettos. Never leave home without them." to go with SF. :D

    Katy - it's amazing what last minute panic can

    Peter - Calvin is my hero. Or he was, until I had my middle child and realized Calvin in real life isn't all that funny after all.

    Lynn - Deep breath. You can do this. You have no need to panick. You're good enough. You're smart enough. And doggone it, you have an editor on your side. :D

  5. Yes, this will be me on Aug. 30th at 12:01am at the start of the 3-Day Novel contest.

    "Ideas! I need ideas!" whilst pulling out my hair in a frenzy.

    Love Calvin & Hobbes, btw. =D

  6. 3 Day Novel contest?? Girl.

    *falls over dead*

  7. Yep, that'll be me Monday at midnight! =p

    My friend Dylan (the filmmaker) is going to do it, too! It'll be a good challenge. If anything, I'll get half a book written. LOL

  8. Hey CJ! Love C&H! Here's another good one...

    C: "I'm writing a novel."
    H: "What's it about?"
    C: "It's about a guy who flicks through TV channels with his remote control.
    (H walks away.)
    C: (shouting after him) "THEY SAY TO WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW!"

    Congrats on cranking out all those pages. The end is in sight! :)


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