Wednesday, August 13, 2008


1. Daredevil is a lover of words. *wipes away a tear of pride* He reads, journals, and types his own stories on the computer, just like his mom.

2. I never thought his ever-expanding vocabulary would rear its locquacious little head and bite me in the posterior (having an extensive repertoire of words myself) but it did.

3. I lost to Daredevil in Scrabble.

4. I never lose at Scrabble.

5. How did I lose? We established that the definition of a usable word was one that could be used in a book.

6. He whipped out the following word: "Zooweemama" and when I protested, he yanked out his Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and sure enough, there it was.

7. In Scrabble, there's no coming back from a word like Zooweemama.

8. I've been watching the Olympics and find myself totally inspired by our men's swim team. Not just Michael Phelps (who is completely amazing), but the whole team.

9. Watching the finish of the men's 400m relay was absolutely incredible. Jason Lezak just flat out refused to lose. Refused.

10. He closed the distance between himself and Bernard (that Smack Talking Frenchman whose performance couldn't quite match his own predictions) and passed him by 8 hundredths of a second.

11. No one thought he could. The announcers were already forecasting the U.S. team as fighting for the bronze but Jason Lezak didn't show up that day to win the bronze. He wanted gold.

12. He got it.

13. I may have to do a post where I discuss how lessons learned from Olympians apply to writing.

14. Speaking of writing, the synopsis for SF went better than I thought.

15. It also revealed what I'd already suspected: I jumped the gun on my climactic moment and need to go back and insert a few more chapters to flesh it out and make it all work.

16. This week will be spent writing additional scenes and inserting them into the manuscript.

17. I've sent out the last of my requested partials and now just have to finish up the added scenes, polish the ending, and do a thorough reading of the entire manuscript to catch any extra dialogue tags, adverbs, or other mistakes I refuse to allow.

18. Ooooh, I almost forgot. Fun news!! I have some giveaways for the blog: paperbacks I picked up at RWA (mostly paranormal, but a few others) and I'm working on getting some cool cds from my neighbor who works for a distribution center and can get me stuff like Red, Fireflight, Third Day etc.

19. Reader Question: If you were sentenced to three months in an isolation chamber (let's pretend those exist) and could only take 1 book, 1 movie, and 1 cd with you, what would you take?


  1. hmm..

    CD: Lord of the Rings Soundtrack


    Book: The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell, cause I could read that several times in three months and find new concepts and ideas to ponder.

  2. oh and movie... hmmm...

    Probably, one of the Harry Potter movies, either Prisoner of Azkaban or Sorcerer's Stone.

  3. OK. First of all, sister CJ, you have to know that I watched the same swimming events and because my Dear Hubby needed his sleep, I screamed into my couch pillow, jumped up and down... completely made a fool of myself. And cried like a baby when they stood for their medals. Actually, a shy admission. I cry whenever anyone wins in the Olympics. And I cry harder when they receive their medals. I'm a closet weeper.

    Now to your most excellent question... (Love the idea of Joseph Campbell, nomadicdragon!)

    My book: Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Could transport me anywhere and I could spend my life reading and analyzing it and never finish.

    My movie: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Great flick, lots of layers, good lines to memorize. Plus, I could teach myself Chinese.

    My CD: (I found this hardest!) I finally landed on Live Phish 10: CD 2. It's got lost of Mike (bass- my favorite), enough instrumentals, some dark and scary stuff, some jammin' rock, some really funny stuff, and some lyrics I love, including:

    Oh, if You're ever unsatisfied with the way life's treating You
    You know You can count on me to take good care of You
    I love you honey oh yes I do You know that's true of course
    and if your dog or cat ever dies, I'll buy You a Ewe

  4. Nomadicdragon-

    Yay for soundtrack! I think I'd have to take a soundtrack too.

    Haven't read Joseph Campbell yet but I'll look into it.

    And yes, the HPs are always good for re-watching. :)


    I always find the Olympics so moving. I can remember the first Olympics I watched as a kid - Mary Lou Retton. Remember her? Amazing.

    Shakespeare - You could study his stuff for years and still discover new layers.

    I love Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! Love it. Nice choice.

    I haven't heard of this album but the lyrics sound...interesting. :) Nice that you found an album with variety.

  5. in scrabble!?! No....


    CD: Evanescence - The Open Door
    Movie: LOTR - Return of the King
    Book: Dragonlance - Dragons of the Fallen Sun

  6. Book: Dictionary. (Thought my head was going to explode over that one for a minute there---ONE BOOK?!?!---but Dictionary is a satisfactory solution.)

    Movie: The Princess Bride. (Never, ever gets old.)

    CD: Super-special extended version of The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails. (I'm assuming a mix CD is too much to ask...)

  7. Paul - Beaten. Yes. By a 9 year old, no less. Hmm...he can beat me but you can't??

    Loved your selections, btw.

    Kerry- Yay Dictionary! Yay Princess Bride! Whatever on the mix tapes, girl. It's your stint in an isolation room. You can bring what you want. ;)

  8. Tough question.

    Book: The complete works of C.S. Lewis. That should keep me busy.

    CD: Classical Piano

    Movie: Spinal Tap - need something to keep my sense of humor intact!

  9. my book so I could edit the bloody thing in peace and quiet.

  10. Book - The Bible

    CD - Anything that is exactly 1 hour long so that I could know what time it is and keep on a schedule.

    Movie - Home videos of my family.

  11. Mayberry- I wonder if 3 months is long enough to read the entire works of C.S. Lewis?

    Natalie- Good call!

    Grayback- see? That's why you're the perfect man for me.

  12. I got all teary at the end of the 400 relay. Jason Lezak was just awesome. You can actually see him increase his speed the last 15 meters.

    *crosses fingers on partials*

    Hmmmm three things huh?

    Book - Douglas Adams' The Ultimate Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy

    Movie - Legend of the Drunken Master with Jackie Chan

    CD - something classical

  13. Ohhhh.....This is fun.

    Book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

    CD: Diane Ziegler

    Movie: It's a toss-up: A Thousand Clowns.

  14. Ah yes...

    CD: Hal Ketchum's Every Little Word (oh, any Hal Ketchum, really).

    BOOK: The Woodwife by Terri Windling.

    MOVIE: Amelie--fills an hour or so of reading, plus I might learn some French other than s'il vous plaƮt.


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