Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday: Running From My "To Do" List

1. Do I think romance novels bring world peace?

2. Read this to find out. (It's my day to post on S & S.)

3. My "To Do" list is eating me alive today.

4. Of course, that's often the case, but I haven't slept well in days so it feels worse today.

5. I'm tempted to ignore the whole thing in favor of a good book.

6. Speaking of a good book, The Lost Duke of Wyndham is a definite must read for anyone who enjoys a strong heroine, a smart-mouthed hero who makes you laugh outloud, and a plot that keeps you turning the pages.

7. I have to say that while the South has many wonderful culinary options, okra is not one of them.

8. When I express that opinion to a true, born-on-a-tractor southerner, I get the knee-jerk "Well, you have to try it fried" response.

9. First of all, if you have to deep fry something to disguise its inherent nastiness, then it doesn't qualify as edible.

10. Secondly, I have tried fried okra.

11. Once you bite past the thin, breadcrumb crust, you're confronted with the same slimy, oyster-gone-bad taste that existed before this psuedo-vegetable ever hit the fryer.

12. It's almost as bad as green beans.

13. Almost.

14. Book two in the current series (titled TWISTING FATE) has been playing around in my mind for the past two weeks as I approach the end of SF.

15. Saturday, while driving to work (Why do these things always happen while I'm driving??), I learned the identity of a new character.

16. Other writers will understand when I say this new character scared that Holy Crap right out of me.

17. It's going to be both interesting and disturbing to get inside this character's head (I'm deliberately leaving the gender to your imagination because I don't want to give away details that will hinder your enjoyment of the plot).

18. Reader Question: If you could inhabit one imaginary world (either book, movie, or video game), which would it be?


  1. CJ,

    I'm excited to hear that Twisting Fate is already dancing in your head.

    Hope this new character isn't what's keeping you up at nights. If so, s/he will probably do the same to me when I read the book.

  2. I normally get brilliant ideas while i'm in the shower, by the time I get out and dry, I've forgotten them.

    So now we have a dry erase board in the bedroom, and I yell ideas at James to write on the board so I don't forget lmao.

    oh..and okra is NASTY.

  3. Also.. i'd want to inhabit the world of Jane Austen.. or.. the world Yasmine created.

  4. Harry Potter's world of magic. Most definitely. I want to live at Hogwarts very badly, just for the food. ;-)

  5. I'm glad you threw video game in there...haha. I couldn't pick one. Sorry, my brain is too crazy after that question to pick one.

    Final Fantasy of course. Even though I can't pick one only, this PROBABLY tops my list.

    Hyrule from the Zelda series is pretty awesome too.

    Morrowind/Cyrodill from Elder Scrolls.

    And to name a book, the wonderful world of Krynn created in the Dragonlance series.

  6. I would love the world of Jane Austin, but could we do it with current clothing? If not then it would have to be the movie Shadowlands about C.S. Lewis. I would have loved to be around his mind. Okra is the worst vegetable ever created and it doesn't matter how you fix it, it is still bad!

  7. *grins* I'm with Paul, Final Fantasy would rock!


  8. PJ...the world of C.S. Lewis would be awesome! I was lucky enough to be able to interview his step son, Douglas Gresham a few years ago.

    He said Jack (Lewis), Tolkien, and Joy would play Scrabble just about once a week. They played in English as well as any of the fictional languages they created. (Elf, Hross, etc).

    Douglas said they would get into debates about the legitimacy of certain fictional words and then they would try to explain the grammar rules of their partuicular language. What a riot!

    Oh, to have been a fly on the wall!

  9. Hot, pickled okra, C.J. Like a jalapeno, sort of. It's not bad. Not great, but not bad. :) It might still be slimy, but I doubt you'd taste anything past the fire in your mouth. *g*

  10. Keli - Yes, this new character will definitely keep you up at night. :)

    ND - Lol. Nice that you have James to act as secretary.

    Siobhan - I'd definiely choose Harry Potter's world. The food looks amazing, but I just want to ride a broom.

    BD - I threw in video games just for you. =D

    PJ - Ooooh, Lewis is always a great pick!

    Katy - *grins* I swear you and Paul have to meet. Maybe we were triplets?

    Grayback - Would have been fun! Although, with some of the words Tolkien created, I don't see how anyone could beat him at Scrabble.

    Lynne - I must respectfully point out that the rule for "frying" not making the indedible edible also applies to "hot, pickled".

    Also, just the thought of hot, pickled okra activated my gag reflex.


  11. I had originally intended to decide between the world of Yellow Submarine or Wonka's Factory... but now I just want any place that has no hot, pickled anything.

  12. I'm with Danielle Mari. I was going to say Tolkien's Middle Earth but now that I've read the comments, I'm stuck in "Oh, gross!" land and just want a place where nothing slimy is every hot, pickled.


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