Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday's List

1. So, I may have lost my mind.

2. Stop laughing.

3. I'm serious.

4. I just invited the Uber-Workout-Drill-Sergeant, otherwise known as my friend Paul, to hold me accountable to an hour-long workout schedule three times a week.

5. I did this because if I know I have to report my actions, I'm much more likely to push myself as hard as possible so I don't look like a wimp...have I mentioned my mile-wide competitive streak?

6. Plus, he takes responsibility seriously and won't let up on me once. Not once.

7. Not even if I pull off an incredibly convincing performance of dragging my last sweet breath into my tortured lungs, hanging by a fingernail on the slim precipice between this life and the next...he'll just glare at me and tell me to stop whining and do another sit-up.

8. And the fact that I'll be reporting my results via email instead of in person doesn't make a bit of difference because I KNOW he'd glare and tell me to stop whining so I'd do TWO more sit-ups just to shut his voice out of my head.

9. *sigh* This will be worth it.

10. The 9-4 turned out to have a bad hose (although I'm not sure "bad" is an entirely accurate description for a hose that dumps an ENTIRE tank of gas all over the highway) and is now fixed and sitting in my driveway, plotting it's next assault upon our wallet.

11. We had Paul and Kelly over today for a cookout (And peach pie!!! Yum!) and a crowd of football fanatics are descending upon the house in an hour to watch UT destroy UCLA.

12. I'll appease the masses with a nacho bar and a large pan of brownies, and then lock myself in my office to write because, while I despise UCLA (a lingering effect of being a Pepperdine alum), I really don't care about college football.

13. Now...if it was the 49ers facing the Cowboys, you couldn't pry me from the living room.

14. The fact that my hubby was born in Texas and still finds it acceptable to cheer for the Hey Look! Not All Of Us Are In Prison! team that is the Cowboys makes his marriage to this California girl (Go 49ers! Even though you bit the dust after Montana and Rice left...still, GO TEAM!) interesting to say the least.

15. At least we agree on the Titans.

16. We watched Traitor last night and it was a colossal waste of time. I don't even think the movie was all that long, but it felt like three hours. No suspense, lots of slow spots, and in the end I just didn't care if every single character died a horrific death which, of course, they didn't.

17. More's the pity...might have improved the movie.

18. I did see an ad for a new tv series by J.J. Abrams (producer of the only two tv shows ever to grab my attention and hold it for years--Alias and Lost). It's called Fringe and is on Tuesdays here. Looks like a fascinating romp through Urban Fantasy. How could I resist?

19. Though honestly, the fact that I rarely watch tv makes it so much easier to fill up my life with tons of other really fun stuff.

20. READER QUESTION: What's a great instrumental album (any style) to add to my iPod?


  1. The soundtrack to Finding Neverland, beautiful instrumental, especially piano based music.

  2. Ha! I came to suggest the very same album as Nomadicdragon. But then, wouldn't you expect that from me? I suppose I shall provide another one, then, although you can't get around how delightful Kaczmarek's Finding Neverland truly is. Also conider The Hours if you can stand the brooding touches of Glass.

  3. My instrumental range is pretty much limited to one song, so I'm useless.

    Basically, I just popped in to say I hooted that you have a picture of "A-C-H-phlegm" in your post.

  4. That was a funny video. And you know I have about 20 soundtracks to add to your ipod that I have downloaded recently. I am the king of soundtracks, haha.

    Now get down and give me 20.

  5. ND - Thanks for the recommendation!

    Peter - Wow! She beat you to it. =) I'll check out The Hours. I can always stand some brooding.

    Kerry - LOL! "What kind of terrorist? A terrifying terrorist!"

    Paul - Can you check for the two soundtracks mentioned here? And I didn't give you 20. I gave you 30. So there.

  6. I'll have to look up finding neverland. I always liked the Out of Africa soundtrack, just takes me away to the vast savannahs... etc etc.

  7. ok so my mondays and tuesdays list consist of me reading all your blogs and catching up on you lol I have not been on since feb. so i have posted a new one lol so it may take me forever to read all of yours .

  8. Go you! *grins* And go Paul for keeping track of you. :D


  9. Check out Chicane, kinda trance which is not really my thing but this band is way relaxing, mostly it is instrumental but he has some great songs with Brian Adams and Tom Jones doing the lyrics, both awesome but can not remember the album title lol figures but autumn tactics and halycon are a few off the titles that are instrumental only :D


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