Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Googleness (Yes, that's a word.)

This week, we welcome the new readers who used the following search terms to find this blog:

1. King Pigeon Benefits: By this, I assume you mean benefits to the yoga position called King Pigeon, and I have to tell you, the benefits are a bit sketchy. Yes, yes, there's the whole "do this long enough and you'll lengthen your spine and become more flexible" thing, but there comes a point where avoiding ridiculousness and the high probability that one will break one's neck while contorting oneself into pretzel-like positions offsets any nebulous offering of greater bendiness.

And yes, that's a word. I'm a writer. I can make them up.

2. Sculpting 101: I'm really not sure how that phrase brought up this blog. Bet you aren't either.

3. September Wordtrick: What does this even mean?? You want a wordtrick (which, unlike bendiness, is soooo not a real word) for the month of September? Zooweemama. Win Scrabble and impress your friends. (And yes, it's a real word because it's in a book...)

4. Talking Swallow Air: I was going to mock this particular ensemble until I realized that I myself have, on any number of occasions, swallowed air while talking, thus causing myself to choke for no good reason to the tremendous amusement of everyone around me.

5. Trip to the Rectal Exam Site: Well, eww. I didn't know there was an official rectal exam site but I may google its location myself just to avoid it.

6. Sentence With Penny Drops: "Stop! You can't just throw yourself into an abyss without knowing if we have enough rope to make the descent. Listen and tell me how far the penny drops."

7. How Far to Insert a Rectal Tube: I'm glad you asked. It's always important to know how far is too far. Of course, the answer clearly depends on the size, condition, and disposition of your patient. In my case, you should insert it only so far as you'd like the favor returned.


  1. Remind me again what people did before Google and the internet. ;)

  2. Oh, Pete... Isn't it obvious? They just shoved it up there until their eyes watered...

    And Ceej? Just FYI- an actual keyword search leading to my site? "c.j. redwine last word republican"-- Odd. Another giggler/head-scratcher? "improvisation of the cube in mathematics teaching"

  3. LOL!!

    D - I had to laugh to see you call me Ceej. One of my friends does that and the first time she did I looked at her and said "You do realize you are giving me a nickname for my nickname."

    As for a search for me landing at your blog (and an interesting search string at that)...who knows?


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