Friday, September 12, 2008

'Tis Merely A Flesh Wound!

1. A BIG thank you to nomadicdragon (who beat Peter von Brown to the punch by mere minutes) for recommending the Finding Neverland soundtrack.

2. I'm listening to it as I type this, and I'm completely in love with this music.

3. I'll get to the other recommendations soon.

4. Hubby is making a cake this weekend for someone who loves the movie Airplane.

5. He's mimicking the pic of the airplane tied in a knot at the middle.

6. I'll try to get a pic of it to post here for you. Should be amazing.

7. I'm going to resume Writing Process posts soon so hit me in the comments trail with questions/suggestions for what you'd like covered.

8. I think I have four new scenes to add to SF and then it's done.

9. Each scene is 4000-5000 words.

10. The guy who sexually harassed me at work is now long gone.

11. I realize that sentence is open to many interpretations.

12. I really can't explain more without incurring the wrath of my lawyers.

13. Did you know you can buy hot, pickled pig's feet?

14. One has to wonder what terrible famine induced some poor unfortunate individual to look around at what was left to eat, see that the pig apparently didn't truly need his lower appendages, and dunk them in a spicy brine to make them nearly edible.

15. I mean, I know it's good to use as much of the animal as possible but still, there are certain parts no one was ever meant to eat.

16. I forgot to mention that Paul and I got into a huge food fight at work the other night.

17. He started it, of course.

18. Naturally, I ended it. A handful of soggy tea grinds to the face will do that.

19. I've heard a delicious little rumor that Johnny Depp might play the Riddler in Batman 3.

20. Yes, I know this is just speculation but still, the very thought has me salivating, ready to shell out money NOW for midnight passes.

21. READER QUESTION: Who would you love to see play one of the villains in the next Batman movie?


  1. James Spader as anybody. He has always creeped me out. I once heard someone describe him as "innately sinister," which I think is perfectly accurate.

    Of course, I find his creepy sinisterishness utterly appealing.

  2. Oh, GREAT suggestion! He is innately sinister with a large dose of charisma as well. Perfect choice.

  3. Well, it's been nearly confirmed (you never know with Hollywood) but Caine has "said so" that Depp is the Riddler. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the Penguin. And Cher is supposed to be Catwoman. Not all in the same movie, I sincerely hope. But it matters little to me anyway :)

  4. Yay for Depp as the Riddler! I can't wait to see what he'll do with the role.

    And Hoffman is a good choice for the Penguin.

    But Cher? CHER??? Are we supposed to be frightened by a middle-aged Cat Woman? How can we take that seriously?

  5. Yay. I love the soundtrack, love the movie too. There is something soothing about it.

  6. Hey, don't be so quick to dismiss Cher's scariness. I wouldn't have said Heath Ledger could be OMG-wet-your-pants badass before his Joker, but there ya go. I think she could pull off an aging psycho dominatrix villainess.

  7. You make a point. I'll have to reserve judgment. I have a hard time taking Cher seriously as an actress but I too had doubts about Ledger as the Joker and I was soundly proven wrong.

  8. Apparently they want to go for a more "seasoned" Catwoman... not the acrobatic punk type, but the mastermind seductress type. And Cher is their choice. But yes, I recall the backlash of "Ledger?"

    And for what it's worth, am I wrong or is Patrick Stewart Mr. Freeze? [Despite his being Xavier, too]

  9. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?


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