Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Can't Take It Back

A friendly word of advice to my fellow authors: publishing is a small industry. Blogs and loops are read by many authors, agents, and editors alike. If you feel upset or dissatisfied with something--be it a rejection letter, a suggestion for revisions, the outcome of a contest--you're much better off sharing that frustration with one or two trustworthy friends IN PRIVATE, than venting to the world at large via a loop or blog.

You have no idea who reads your words.

It's very possible the person you are venting against will read your post, alter their opinion of your professionalism (because what you're doing is NOT professional), and refuse to work with you. Others who read your words may wonder if you'll react so badly to them and won't want to work with you either.

So, here's the deal. Publishing is tough. You get rejections. You get bad reviews. You don't win contests. Suck it up. Be gracious. Take what you can from the experience to make your writing better. Then, be a professional, hold your tongue, and write.

Anything less will torpedo your career.


  1. At first, I thought you were talking about me, indicating either serious narcissism or inherited Catholic guilt.

    Then I realized you couldn't possibly be talking about me, indicating my perpetually angelic behavior, and became curious about whom you WERE talking, indicating my morbid fascination with self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the foot.

    Then I remembered I don't really want to know who's having a snitfest this time, indicating fatigue with the neverending supply of snitfests on the intarwebz.

    I often wonder what these people have been doing all their lives that they are totally unprepared to cope with adversity.

    Suck it up, indeed.

    (You're not talking about me, right?)

  2. LOL! No, I wasn't talking about you. *grins* As yet, I've never seen you pull a snitfest.

    Also, I've never seen indications of this pepetually angelic behavior of yours either. *snerk*


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