Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Personal Motto For All Things Idiotic

1. Because I have a full To Do list tomorrow, I'm posting my Friday's Week in Review on a Thursday night.

2. This shows an astonishing degree of foresight and planning on my part and should in no way alter the usual helter-skelter daily blogging you've come to expect from me.

3. Want to know which authors made the most moola over the last year? Go here.

4. I'm truly surprised Nora isn't on the list. The woman publishes four books a year, at least.

5. Recently, my children have found opportunities to lament my various domestic shortcomings.

6. I'm a great cook. I keep a relatively clean house (as long as you don't enter the landfill that is the boys' room). I don't forget to feed the animals.

7. That's the extent of my domesticity. I don't have baked goods waiting on the counters every day. I don't mop very often. And you better believe, I don't sew.(That's a post for another day.)

8. Starshine explained to me today that he wishes I were more into cake, but he's glad his father makes up for it.

9. The Scientist lost a button on his pants. When I told him that was an easy fix (even I can sew on a button), he looked concerned until he remembered my mom was coming for a visit. When I said, "I can sew on a button," he replied "Like I said, good thing Grandma's coming."

10. I'm not going to discuss the fact that my mother did indeed sew on the button.

11. Today, I coached my children yet again on the virtue of turning off lights as they leave the room to save electricity.

12. The Scientist decided it would be much easier if we were Amish instead.

13. Immediately on the heels of that announcement, he issued a retraction because, in his words, "Wait. The Amish are farmers with no electricity. That means they just go to bed when it gets dark. Sometimes it gets dark at 4! Forget it!"

14. I went to see Max Payne with hubby and Paul today, and I really liked it.

15. I wanted a bit more focus on the supernatural element, but I was satisfied.

16. One of my friends hated it, but she went into it with preconceived notions based on her knowledge of Max Payne and I went into it going "Hey, Mark Wahlberg and some freaky supernatural creatures! I'm in! Now, who's Max Payne?" so perhaps I had the advantage.

17. My friend nomadicdragon has this site on Etsy where she makes customized lotion, bath salts, body spray, and shower gel. She made a scent just for me called (naturally) Stiletto. It's a yummy pomegranate scent (Which you can buy if you love something deliciously fruity with a hint of spice. Or if you love Bath and Body Works pomegranate stuff. Or if you've always had a secret yearning to smell like me. If the last option is true for you, kindly keep that to yourself.)

18. I got my package of products from her and can't recommend them enough. The lotion is absolutely amazing and all of her stuff is very affordable!

19. Also, here's a fun site for you ebay auction junkies (or those of you who love a bargain). This site pulls up misspelled listings on ebay, where there are little to no bidders, and helps you get stuff for next to nothing. (Try typing in a search for jewelry and see how many people misspelled their entry!)

20. If you missed the opportunity to give me a great first sentence for a piece of creative writing, check out the post below this one and leave me a comment. I'll start the pieces next week. =)

21. Reader Question: Surprise me with something I don't know about you. Yes, yes, I realize it isn't technically a question but you're able to get past that, right? ;)


  1. I was a cheerleader in 7th grade(one of the few grades I actually went to a school).

    Yay for lotion stuffs!!

  2. I once popped a bubble on the forehead of the Dalai Lama.

  3. ND - LOL! I was a cheerleader (sort of by accident) freshman and sophomore year of high school. I was REALLY good at yelling.

    DM - What??? lmao. You *have* to tell me this story.

  4. I bought pomegranate-and-mango Softsoap because the shape of the bottle amused me and it was a pretty red color. It smells like grapefruit, which I do not eat (the fruit or the soap), but I love the smell of all things citrus, so it is good.

    This will totally surprise and amaze you: I was NOT a cheerleader.

  5. It's true. Danielle really did pop a bubble on said forehead.

    And I already answered this question in my interview. But if you want something else, check out this post:

  6. I was obsessed with animal rights as a pre-teen, decided that I would spend my life saving baby harp seals. Of course, the fact that teen heartthrob Robby Benson promoted the cause didn't hurt..swoon...I adored him. (I guess that's 2 things you didn't know about me, huh?)

  7. Just emailed it to you. Hope you like.


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