Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get Me Started!

Once again, I'm going to let you tell me what to write. Sort of. Here's the deal (for those of you who weren't following the blog last year):

1. You think up a cool/funny/interesting/challenging first sentence.

2. You post it in the comments section.

3. I take the sentence and turn it into a short piece of creative writing.

Last year, some of you threw some fairly challenging sentences my way, and I loved the writing that came from them. Very entertaining for all of us. :)

So, give me a first sentence and I'll go from there. I only ask that there be no profanity in it. Blood and guts are fine. =D


  1. I had no idea how far from the center of my world this path would take me, I only knew I had two choices: walk or die.

  2. God help us all, President McCain has been shot!

  3. As I lay dying in a stew of my own blood and guts, she had only this to say: "The profanity is uncalled for."

  4. Jackson almost left Lucky Lo without reading the fortune cookie...

  5. It was just a inch from the tip of his finger, but sadly, that was an inch too far.

  6. I was going to look like an idiot.

  7. Some days, life hands you roses.



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