Friday, November 28, 2008

35 Good Reasons

Today my hubby turned 35. To honor his birthday (especially since we barely saw each other today!), I've decided to make a list of 35 reasons why he's absolutely wonderful.

1. He repainted the entire downstairs (4 different coats for the dining room before I was happy with the color scheme) without (much) complaint.

2. When I said I'd start working days to help our bank account, his first response was "But what about your writing?"

3. Speaking of writing, he believes in me completely.

4. He's loyal.

5. He makes me laugh.

6. He understands and shares my near obsession with Batman: The Dark Knight.

7. He's incredibly talented. (Hello?? Cake anyone?)

8. He likes to really discuss movies and books.

9. He does most of the driving so I don't have to. (Or so he doesn't have to ask me to slow down...)

10. He gives of his time and resources to anyone who needs him without thinking twice.

11. He'll do laundry when asked.

12. He plays with his kids.

13. He never takes me out for pizza on our dates.

14. He always puts effort into the gifts he chooses for me.

15. He brags about me.

16. He works hard at whatever he does.

17. He remembers people's names and faces (a skill I certainly don't possess).

18. He loves sports but doesn't expect me to love the stuff I just don't get. (Like golf. Or curling. Or other "sports" that involve no risk and no physical contact.)

19. His favorite activity is spending time with me.

20. He supports my interests and hobbies even if he doesn't share them.

21. He has integrity.

22. He is punctual. (Unless I'm part of the equation...even then, he's punctual. He's just waiting for me.)

23. He's not interested in stuff that takes him away from his family.

24. He wants to know what I think about stuff.

25. My opinion is important to him.

26. When he wants to be romantic, he pulls out all the stops.

27. He doesn't leave the seat up.

28. He risked his life to hang Christmas lights along our roof...for me.

29. He is respectful.

30. He unloads the dishwasher because he knows I hate to do it.

31. He's smart.

32. He gets the finer points of my sarcastic sense of humor.

33. He appreciates what I do around the house.

34. He's a man of faith.

35. He's my best friend.

=) Happy Birthday, Clint!!


  1. As I sit here and read through your reasons...I'm pretty sure we married the same man! LOL Maybe they're secret brothers.

    Happy birthday to hubby. It's so nice being a lucky woman, isn't it? ;-)

  2. Yes, he truly is one of a kind. Knew he was a wonderful man by how he treated you and the boys. Guess he's a keeper, huh? Happy Birthday, Clint!

  3. Awwwwww...thank you so much! You are the best!

    I love you! :-)

  4. So you are saying he's whipped? Hehe... btw the laptop fairy does exist! My laptop died on me this week, and I went to best buy and the fairy gave me a netbook. It's a cute little thing that works great for only $400. Yeah only. That is nothing for my massive startup account for research. Don't you have one of those? You should get one. Only took me 400 years of schooling....

  5. Lol, I should also point out that I am posting this from my Hotel room in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. I am at a "conference." Wonder if someone will give a talk out by the pool? I'll be there all day just to see if it happens...

  6. This Clint character sounds like a pretty good guy! Hope he had a wonderful birthday! God has surely blessed you (both) and I know you are grateful!


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