Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today, I read this article discussing a new initiative the Swiss recently voted into law which authorizes government dispensed heroin to heroin addicts. Never mind the jaw-dropping idea of taxpayers and health insurance money funding heroin addictions--the part I found fascinating was the fact that the voters, who overwhelmingly approved the initiative, also voted down an initiative to make marijuana legal.

*scratches head*

Soooo, marijuana use is taboo, but heroin you're okay with? And yes, I get that the idea behind the program is to somehow minimize the addict's craving with regulated doses without producing a big high so they can learn to function in society despite their addiction, but I the only one who thinks the obvious pitfall here is that addicts want the high and will take the regulated doses and then go find more on their own? It's like joining weight watchers, eating sugar-free cookies at the meeting, and then hauling your jiggly behind through the nearest drive-through as soon as you leave the building--it happens.

One voter, when asked to explain his position, said that the heroin law would vastly improve the life of addicts, but he couldn't vote to legalize marijuana because he didn't approve of facilitating drug use.

*takes a looong moment to consider this piece of logic from all angles*

There's enough irony in that statement to keep a sardonic girl like me happy for months, but I doubt that voter can see it.


  1. 1. Move to Switzerland.

    2. Eat cheese and chocolate until I can't stand the sight of either anymore.

    3. Get on the free heroin program to lose all the cheese/chocolate fat.

    THAT is why they don't legalize marijuana: Gives users the munchies, which causes obesity, which causes health concerns like diabetes and heart disease, which increases the public health burden, which increases taxes, which is bad.

    Heroin, comparatively speaking, is good for you.


  2. Ah, *now* I understand it. I just needed to apply Kerry Logic and it all makes perfect sense. =D


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