Monday, December 1, 2008

Go Nuts!

And now for the long-anticipated (Oh. Was that just me?) review of the free sample of almonds sent to me by the fine folks at Oh!Nuts candy company.

I mentioned that I find Jordan Almonds addictive, though I wasn't sure I actually like them. That's because, in my experience, the candy shell is hard enough to crack a filling and the almond inside is a wimpy version of the full-bodied almond flavor I know and love. So, when someone at Oh! Nuts contacted me with the offer to review their product, I was a little nervous. What if I hated it and had to say so on my blog?

They sent me three bags of product (as pictured above). Cinnamon Almonds (almonds covered in a cinnamon-flavored glaze), Ivory Cappuccino Almonds, and Roasted Jordan Almonds. Naturally, I invited my family to help with the reviewing process. Here are our favorites:

Hubby: Cinnamon Almonds. Period. He doesn't do candy-coated nuts unless chocolate is involved.

Me: Roasted Jordan Almonds

Scientist: Cinnamon Almonds, with the Ivory Cappuccino coming in a close second

Daredevil: Ivory Cappuccino Almonds, then Roasted Jordan Almonds

Starshine: Ivory Cappuccino Almonds, then Roasted Jordan Almonds

Here's the breakdown of each (in my humble but accurate opinion):

Cinnamon Almonds: These were pleasant, snackable almonds. I wanted a little more punch to the cinnamon glaze (it was more sweet than spicy), but most people won't care.

Ivory Cappuccino Almonds: My kids loved these. Loved. These. I struggled to discern any hint of cappuccino flavor, and they were too sweet for my taste, but again, most people won't care.

Roasted Jordan Almonds: This product made me a fan of Oh! Nuts candy for life. The sugar shell was thin enough to allow the flavor of the almond to take center stage and the crunch was just a bit of texture, not enough to ruin your dental work in one bite. The real treat, though, was the distinctive flavor of roasted almond inside. No wimpy, soggy nuts for this candy! I had to discipline myself not to sit and munch through the entire bag in one sitting.

The Oh! Nuts site has a wide array of candy options and shipping is quick. The only drawback I found was that the product packaging doesn't list ingredients or nutrition information. Since I have a child whose stomach issues require vigilant label-reading, I wanted this information. It's my understanding that the company is currently putting together nutrition info and it will soon be included on their packaging.

And yes, if you're wondering, the Roasted Jordan Almonds would be a nice stocking stuffer for me...

Okay, folks. That's one product sampled and reviewed. Whose next? Manolo Blahnik? General Motors? Jelly Belly? Bring it on, people. Bring it on.

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