Monday, December 1, 2008

How Can It Possibly Be December?

1. A literary agent whom I follow on Twitter informed us over the weekend that she received a query--sans title or genre--as a TEXT this weekend.

2. Seriously.

3. Chalk that one up under the title THINGS TO DO TO MAKE SURE YOU NEVER GET AN AGENT.

4. On the plus side, writers like that make it a lot easier to stand out in the slush pile.

5. Daredevil has decided one of his favorite sports is tightrope walking.

6. This does not surprise me. It worries me, but it doesn't surprise me.

7. When he informed his brothers, they quickly chimed in with suggestions that he grow up and work in a circus.

8. He replied: "I'd love to work in a circus if it wasn't for all that dorky music and loud popcorn crunching from the audience."

9. Saved by my son's OCDness about food noises.

10. I worked Thanksgiving morning and the restaurant was packed.

11. I was there for four hours and came in contact with MANY people.

12. Only one had the courtesy to thank me (and the other staff she came in contact with) for giving up my holiday so she could have hers. That helped take the sting out of missing my own family time.

13. I was lucky and only worked four hours. Many employees worked 8 or more and had zero time with their family.

14. Something to think about next time you go out to eat on a holiday of any kind. Extra tips are appreciated and so are words of appreciation. =)

15. I found the results of the latest poll quite interesting. (If you haven't yet voted, please do!)

16. Juan Pedro is the clear winner at this point and yes, the dastardly deed is done.

17. He'll be helping me put up Christmas decorations in a few hours. If, that is, I can pull him away from the eggnog.

18. Paul and Kelly returned home last night around 2am. Judging by the lack of death threats in my text messages, I'm assuming he's yet to notice.

19. The first runner up in the poll is Writing Process posts.

20. I'm all for it. I need your help, though. What topics would you like to see covered? What questions do you want answered?

21. Reader Question: Give me some topics/ideas you'd like to see on this blog. I make no promises, but if you spark my interest or I think I have something worthwhile to say on the subject, I'll do it.


  1. About the texting a query...Lord. You gotta wonder about people. If you follow Collen Lindsay's blog (The Swivet), you'll see she got a phone call at 9 p.m. Thanksgiving night from a gentleman querying about his query (he's not even a client yet...or ever now, it seems). Talk about a career-limiting move. Boggles the brain.

  2. *wonders how one doesn't notice the absence of a full suit of armor*


    Wow, texting queries to agents. I'm jumping on that one. *rolls eyes* Oy.


  3. Twitter query!

    Seriously, if you can sell an agent on your story in 140 characters or less, you ought to at least be invited to submit a full, yes? Sounds like an excellent contest to me.

  4. Siobhan - Oh. My. Amazing how many people are so anxious to shoot themselves in the foot.

    Katy - He called me the next day. Revenge was promised and blah, blah, blah. We'll see what he's made of.

    Kerry - Great idea! It's essentially an elevator pitch anyway and those are very useful at conferences.


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