Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shredded Cabbage, Anyone?

1. We have 543 pieces of candy in our house.

2. 543. Starshine and I counted them this morning.

3. That's obscene.

4. What's especially obscene is that a few misguided souls in our neighborhood thought Raisinets were an acceptable Halloween offering.

5. Raisins, little dried up globs of grape, are not candy. Not even if they're partially disguised with a chocolate coating. Or, perhaps, especially if they're partially disguised with a chocolate coating.

6. Although, that's hardly the worst thing I've ever seen plopped into an unwitting trick-or-treater's bag. One year, my gym teacher gave all of us a sandwich baggie full of raw broccoli.

7. That's an excellent way to get one's home egged.

8. Not that I ever did anything like that.

9. I'm in the final re-arrange, edit, polish stage for Shadowing Fate.

10. I'm very excited about the finished manuscript. It rocks.

11. In my humble opinion.

12. I'm scheduled for 34 hours at work this week.

13. Yay! for the money. Boo! for the time wasted there that could be spent writing, cleaning, ironing ...

14. Oh, alright. NOT ironing.

15. When I have a conversation with an agent offering representation and she asks me my career goals, one of the first things out of my mouth is going to be "One day I want to be able to afford weekly maid service."

16. Followed closely by, "Then, I want to be able to afford the World's Most Amazing Stiletto Collection.

17. Since my plan to take over the world using nothing but a ball of twine, a cloak, some pickled okra, and one very recalcitrant goat doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I'll have to sell my writing to get what I want.

18. Yesterday, I learned how to make enough coleslaw to feed 250 people.

19. I can't imagine how that skill will ever come in handy.

20. Reader Question: Where is the most interesting/amazing place you've ever been? What made it special?


  1. I love Raisinets you could mail them to CA. Oh never mind it would be cheaper for me to buy them and since I don't eat sugar any more what is the point. The most interesting place I have ever been was Amsterdam. What made it interesting was here was a group of people on their way from doing missions work in Russia. We had to say a day in Amsterdam so we decided at night to go out on the canals. We got to see all the hooker houses and where all the drug dealers hang out. Our tour guide basically showed all the seedy places in Amsterdam and rushed us by Anne Franks house. It was a very cool place though

  2. I have to pick one place??

    uhm. I can't. Sorry. As much as my childhood sucked, I have been blessed with having been to over 10 countries before I was even a teenager, and by the time i left home, I had been to 21.

    But.. on my top five list of amazing places I've been:

    Athens, Greece
    Any one of the little villages in England we visited when I lived there.
    Gettysburg, PA
    The slate quarry we visited in Wales.


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