Sunday, November 2, 2008

Want Me To Test Drive A Mustang For 7 Years?

Yesterday, I mentioned on my facebook status (Hot Tamales!) and on a Twitter update (Yes, I've finally caved and am on Twitter. Please do NOT expect me to ever utter the asinine statement "I'm twittering." That's not a verb.) ... where was I? Oh, yes, I mentioned that I don't think I actually like Jordan Almonds (Chanel Pistol Heels!) all that much, but I find them addicting.

I think it's the crunch and the combination (Hot Tamales!) of sweet and nut. I don't know. I don't think I care. (Chanel Pistol Heels!) I'm pretty sure you care even less.

Anyway, I got an email from someone who does marketing (Hot Tamales!) for ohnuts candy company wanting to send me free samples of Jordan Almonds so I could review them on my blog. I browsed their site, (Chanel Pistol Heels!) found two flavors of Jordan Almonds that looked interesting (cappuccino and cinnamon) and agreed.

Then my devious mind (Hot Tamales!) began scheming...are other marketers googling their product names, (Chanel Pistol Heels!) hoping to find a fan who will agree to sample stuff and then blog about it? If mentioning Jordan Almonds just once on this blog gained a marketer's attention (Hot Tamales!), would subtly mentioning other products (Chanel Pistol Heels!) work as well?

I decided it was worth a try. There are many worthy products out there, (Hot Tamales!), but only a few so amazing, I'd be willing to sacrifice my dignity (Chanel Pistol Heels!) and sell my blogging soul to own.

If this works, I may have to work in product names throughout various posts more often. Just think of the opportunities! Yankee Sparkling Cinnamon candles. Williams & Sonoma (any product will do). Cherry-red Mustang Convertible.

The possibilities are endless.


  1. I think you're onto something, CJ. I mention on my Web site that I love Coach bags. I've carried one since the early eighties, way before they were the hot brand they are today. Ya think maybe the company will send me a purse of my choosing for giving them such a nice plug?

    And Taco Bell? Why, that company owes me BIG time. I've eaten there so often over the past four decades that I ought to have stock. Just today I mentioned my Taco Bell lunch in my Facebook status bar.

  2. Only if the Chanel Pistol Heels are actual self-defense weapons. Probably be a wussy little .22, though. What I need is Sniper Rifle Thigh-High Boots...

    I've been getting a lot of weird "advertise our stuff on your site" emails for the past few weeks, all spamtastically inappropriate. Show me where I've ever expressed any interest in fishing lures. Real precision-targeted marketing there, dudes...

  3. Keli - Coach? Um, yeah, good luck with that. ;) And Taco Bell owes you a year's worth of free food at the very least.

    Kerry - My dear, a good pair of heels is ALWAYS a self-defense weapon when used correctly. See Shadowing Fate, chapter one, for reference.

    Thigh high sniper rifle boots? I'm in.

    Being an avid reader of your blog, I can see how someone would want you to try fishing lures. It all goes back to that post on ... it was the day you said ... must have been the graffiti you wrote when ...

    Oh, I give up.

  4. LOL, I have to say when I started this post I thought you were sending out an an early subliminal message for your Christmas gift. hahaha, but gifts/Christmas didn't come up so then I thought, 'Wait? maybe Chanel Pistol Heels! is a candy flavour? But... I thought they were shoes?!'

    hahaha, interesting thought though.

  5. LMAO.

    This is just one of the many reasons I love you.


  6. I do have an interest in torture devices, of course, but most manufacturers don't want their product endorsed for such purposes, for some odd reason.

    "I don't fish, but Sadobich triple-pronged fishing lures are the best prisoner-suspension hooks money can buy!"

    Go figure.

  7. Jage - *grins* If you choose to take this as an early Christmas list, far be it from me to stop you.

    Katy - lol. I'm assuming the marketer did at least minimal research on this blog before sending the email. Otherwise, he may be disappointed/annoyed at my somewhat snarky tone . . .

    Kerry - Well, who doesn't love a fabulous accessory that can double as a torture device? A girl never knows what she's going to need. It pays to be prepared.

    LOL on the fishing lures line. Bet they didn't actually read it in context before they sent the email. Maybe I'll get one now...


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