Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting, Public Service Announcements, & Cake

1. I think it's cool that my local bookstore is giving away free drinks from their coffee shop to anyone who votes today.

2. Unfortunately, by the time I work all day, then stand in line to vote, then run home to make dinner...I won't have the time or energy to run out for coffee. :)

3. Worked on more revisions last night. Most of it is little stuff now. Just a few plot points to clean up.

4. I've opened a new doc and am copying and pasting each chapter, reading through it, making any corrections, then moving on.

5. I didn't use this method for polishing up DTR, but then again, I barely revised DTR, more's the pity.

6. I'll be entering SF in the Golden Heart this year, though I don't know if I can attend the conference ... might conflict with our trip to China.

7. I've asked my hubby to make a castle cake for me for my birthday.

8. He seems less than thrilled with that prospect.

9. Perhaps if I offer to pay?

10. I need to take a trip to Chicago sometime in the next year as research for the series following Fate.

11. I know, tough life, right?

12. I'm getting emailed offers from various people asking if I'd like to feature this, that, or the other on my blog.

13. Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no, but here's a little piece of instruction for anyone hoping to be interviewed/have their product featured/experience their 6.3 seconds of fame (It's only 15 seconds if you make it on something like Letterman):

14. When I ask you for specific details/dates etc., GIVE THEM TO ME.

15. When I ask you questions to potentially be put up on the blog, ANSWER THEM AS IF YOU ARE A DECENT, INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING.

16. If I follow up on my initial email with yet ANOTHER email asking for clarification and/or details you failed to give me the first time around and you STILL don't comply, feel free to read this blog 'til I turn 89, accept my crown as the Geriatric Sequined Wonder, and cut myself off from the ethernet--you still won't see mention of your name here.

17. Also, it's okay to say you've stumbled across my blog through my link on [name appropriate writer's site]. It's not okay to pretend to be a reader of the blog when you aren't.

18. If you're a regular reader, you should know the definition of the following words: Starshine, 9-4, and Zooweemama. Also, you should know the name of my current manuscript.

19. This has been a public service announcement.

20. Reader Question: What kind of cake should my hubby make for my birthday? All ideas are welcome.


  1. Dear M.J.,

    I'm writing to inform you how inspirational I find your writing and also to offer you the opportunity to interview me and promote my new book, Orthopedic Shoes Are the Only Shoes Worth Having, which I know from reading your inspirational blog is a message you will be excited to share with your readers.

    I know you will be as eager to participate in this opportunity as the 500,000 others to which I have exclusively offered it, so respond right away so I can see where I can squeeze you into my busy schedule, but don't hold your breath waiting for me to respond because I am extremely busy waiting for Oprah to call.

    Very much sincerely yours,
    Col. Onos Copy

  2. I actually got one like the above.

    On the one hand, "they" say that's the sort of self-promotion you have to do to get ahead, so I probably should have helped a fellow writer out.

    On the other hand, it struck me as so tacky and obnoxious and spamtastic, the fellow author in question has earned a permanent negative association in my mind, and I don't want anything to do with it.

  3. I've got the perfect idea for your cake! :-)

    A 13X9 pan with Duncan Hines white frosting and some leftover halloween sprinkles!!!!!!

    Or a castle, whichever you prefer.

  4. LMAO @ grayback.

    You're gonna get yourself in trouble buster.

    I say castle! How hard can it be? *grins and runs*


  5. Chocolate. Is there really any other kind??

  6. CJ,

    I nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award. *grin* You've made me chuckle so many times. Just wanted to let you know...

    You can check out the details on my blog.


  7. Think Clint can make a soup turrene cake? ;)

  8. OK...

    Katy, you are now officially on my list! :-) NO CAKE FOR YOU!!!!! :-)

    Jake, a soup turrene...now were talking. Although, if I do that it would just be a cube cake, after all that thing never made it out of the box! :-)

    Natalie, nice idea, although I've already done the red stiletto thing for CJ once, but that one never gets old. :-)

    I'm still voting for my original idea, but the soup turrene cube with painted grapes is a VERY close second.

  9. Wow. Go to work for the whole day and everyone comes out of the woodwork on the blog. :)

    Kerry - Hmmm...that email sounds oddly familiar. I no longer feel quite as special.

    Katy - That's my girl! If he keeps this up, I'm going to ask for significantly intricate Gothic overtones.

    Danielle - It's like you don't even know me. NO CHOCOLATE on my birthday. I want a lemon cake. My hubby claims that's not a good choice since not everyone loves lemon cake. I say, it's my birthday. I choose the flavor. Nobody else is required to eat it.

    Chiron - How cool! *runs to your blog to check it out*

    Jake - That just smacks of attitude. Mr. Re-gifter. No soup for you!

    Natalie - Perfect!! Last year, he actually made a red stiletto out of chocolate and put it on a cake decorated like a shoe box. It was very cool!

    Grayback - As for YOU...go ahead. Make me a boring old rectangle with old sprinkles on it. Or better yet, a tacky, grape-covered soup tureen. Of course, I'd think long and hard about that decision. You're the one who has to live with me.

  10. Go for it CJ! :D

    *grins* Oh I'll get my cake, one way or another.


  11. It's like the words all make sense on their own... but put them together and I am completely baffled... "no chocolate"? I... I don't know what to say.

    More for me, I guess. ;)

    Whatever shape or size your pastry of choice may take... even if it ((forcing words out)) isn't chocolate ((pant pant))... may you enjoy it like royalty!

  12. I think that Grayback should make you a "Harry Potter" cake. Go the food network.com and search Harry Potter cake for the video. It would be perfect for you!

  13. Consult cakewrecks.blogspot.com for additional cake ideas. Sundays are devoted to non-wrecks (the Tim Burton cakes a while ago were amazing---piece of cake *groan* for a man of grayback's talent), but I think you're just warped enough to enjoy some of the wreckiest wrecks, too.

    It has been my goal in life to have a naked baby carrot jockey cake since the first time I laid eyes on its splendor...

  14. Katy - You are hereby invited to my birthday party where you may eat all the cake you want. Party hats are optional. Gifts are not. ;)

    Danielle - I know. I'm wierd. I don't like chocolate, apples, or pizza. Can we call it part of my quirky charm? My b-day is in January, I'm just trying to get my hubby on board with my ideas NOW. lol

    Mom - What a great idea! I have no doubt, after this suggestion, your son in law will be even more ecstatic than usual over your next visit.

    Kerry - fun site! I bet my hubby will have a blast checking it out too. And who *wouldn't* want a naked carrot baby jockey cake?!

  15. I am currently of the mindset to make it a store bought cupcake with a bite taken out of it. :-)

    Maybe Dumbledore can magic it into a castle cake. :-)

  16. I would say a Blueberry Muffin cake from Strawberry Shortcake, but I know you're not a fan of blueberries.

    My husband threw me an awesome Harry Potter birthday last year and found a receipe for butterbeer and pumpkin juice. YUM!

    You should see my wand collection.

    How about a Joker cake? That would be amazing!

  17. Grayback - Well, aren't you in a mood. I don't eat store bought cupcakes. Period. And I know where you sleep.

    BV- Oooh, a Joker cake! *is inspired*

  18. I have a castle cake mold. Want to borrow it? You know where to find me :)



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