Friday, November 14, 2008

You Might Be My Next Corpse

1. When I informed my children that I'd finished Shadowing Fate, Daredevil jumped up and down and said "WoooHooo! We're rich!"

2. Ah, to be that young and naive again.

3. Last night, I hosted a candle party. I'd booked the party through a consultant I'd never met face to face.

4. The party was fun, the consultant was great, and then as we were sitting around my table chatting while my friends ate pie and browsed catalogs, I glanced at the the label on my own catalog--the one listing the consultant's full name--and realized why her name looked so familiar.

5. I'd borrowed it (without remembering where I'd seen it) for one of the victims in Shadowing Fate.

6. I started laughing and told her, "I'm so sorry! There's a corpse with your last name in my latest novel."

7. She thought it was pretty cool.

8. So much for thinking I'd pulled that particular name out of thin air.

9. The moral of this tale, of course, is that if I know you, I might kill you at some point.

10. Figuratively speaking, of course.

11. I think I'll be mentally prepared to dive into Twisting Fate on Monday.

12. Of course, first I need to research hypochondriacs, anti-social disorder, gene-splicing, and how to break out of maximum security prison.

13. Piece of cake.

14. Ugh, cake.

15. My hubby's birthday is coming up the day after Thanksgiving.

16. I don't even think he wants a cake, but it's a tradition my boys won't allow us to skip.

17. He gets two round cakes stacked on top of each other with store bought icing and sprinkles. (The boys are in charge of the sprinkles. This explains why last year you could barely taste the cake past the stale-sugar crunch of Christmas themed--hey, I don't censor their sprinkle choices!--sprinkles.)

18. The word you're looking for is "yum."

19. At least he'll like his present.

20. Three weeks after that is our 14th wedding anniversary, a week after that is Christmas, two weeks later is my birthday, five days after that it's Starshine's birthday, and a mere three weeks later we have the Scientist's birthday.

21. Yes, this shows a distinct lack of planning on our part.

22. Hang on to your wallets, folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

22. Reader Question: What do you think I should get my hubby for his birthday?


  1. I can help you with the breaking out of prison part. =)

  2. Lol. Okay, let's start brainstorming. =)

  3. I know nothing about hypochondriacs, anti-social disorder, gene-splicing, and how to break out of maximum security prison.

    (Mostly the gene-splicing, though.)

    I heard on the radio just this morning that a drug dealer in Germany FedExed himself out of prison in a big box of dirty sheets. He escaped from the truck when it stopped, and last I heard, they hadn't caught him.

    I thought it was terribly short-sighted of the prison to have inmate-sized boxes, myself.

    But even though this actually happened in real life, I don't believe readers would let you get away with it in fiction because it's too convenient.

  4. RQ: I'll give you a multiple choice for my upcoming birthday...

    1. Nothing
    2. Nothing
    3. A Ferrari
    4. Nothing
    5. A Harley

    (Although, now that you've finished SF and we're rich, how about all of the above!?) :-)

  5. I know about gene splicing- it sounds incredibly sexy but all it amounts to is a mind numbingly boring process of transferring one liquid into another (pipetting) and then draining it out (centrifuging) and then doing it again and again and again...
    I think you should get him a Wii- he'll love it and so will the rest of the family (yourself included).
    How can I link these two seemingly unrelated topics? I just ordered thousands of dollars of DNA supplies and it comes with a free Wii... Tell me that is not incredibly awesome and odd at the same time???
    Feel free to throw in a Dr. Kerby that winds up dead. Perhaps I knock over a skin melting chemical while returning a serve from one of my grad students on Wii tennis?

  6. Oh, we've got the Wii. :-)

    How about Dr. Kerby dies by electrocuting himself while vigorously playing Guitar Hero World Tour and sending the guitar through the tv...the force of which blows Dr. Kerby clean across the room where he tragically lands on a grape-painted soup turrine. Unfortunately, the really cheap soup turrine explodes sending shards of glass into his vitals.

  7. Size 9 it is, sister! I will keep my eyes open.

    As far as the killing of characters, I generally kill off people who have made me very angry for whatever reason. So, yes, that means that my previous employers will be dying very grisly deaths in a future book. =D Mua ha ha ha!

    The sister I disowned was a major hypochondriac, and I'll look through my psych books for the anti-social disorder.

  8. Wow! I have the coolest assortment of blog commenters.

    Incredibly, I now have expert assistance with hypochondriacs, gene splicing (I don't know why I didn't automatically think of you, Jake!), anti-social disorders, and breaking out of maximum security prisons.

    I'm a lucky girl.

    As for ending up a corpse in my novel, Dr. Kerby... I have plans for you. I think you'll be rear-ended by Bob Barker... =D

    Mundane daily details I have a hard time remembering, but *grudges* I can carry for a lifetime, yes?? ;)

    And grayback, I love you. You know that. But if I'm rich enough off the sale of one book (LOL, LOL, LOL) to buy a Ferrari, you can bet your last bowl of buttercream icing the keys are going to belong to *me*.

    But you can borrow it.

  9. cake, are killing me, girl! I'm trying to diet..think I might have to distract myself with some SHOE SHOPPING, just to avoid the kitchen, of course! *wink*


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