Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hey Guys! Want to stay out of the doghouse this Christmas?


  1. I'd rather have the dual-bag than their solution to staying out of the doghouse, frankly. Of course, being the romantic fool I am, my Christmas list consists of things like "lots and lots of Prilosec and Pepsi Max."

    And I believe a man could quite easily convince his wife the dual-bag was the best gift EVAR---by plugging it in and using it once in a while. That would be soooo sexxay.

  2. Lol. I'd love a dual bag vacuum cleaner IF that's what I asked for.

    THIS year I only want The Dark Knight and Get Smart and more of Lilith Saintcrow. That is all.

    And of course the requisite C.J. stocking stuffer--hot tamales (which are of the devil).

  3. *takes vacuum back to the store and buys a bookstore gift card*

  4. Hey, did you steal that from me? =p

  5. Nope. =) It was circulating on my Pixie loop.

    But you never know. I might be pilfering through your blog as we speak, hunting idea to shamelessly use for myself. =D

  6. HA! Good luck with that! I just rant most of the time. =p


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