Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Magic Cockroach!

Today is my 14th wedding anniversary (Happy Anniversary, hubby!). I am blessed to be happy and content with my marriage and to have a man who totally supports my dreams (I suspect he's simply happy at the prospect that the voices in my head might someday finance a new set of golf clubs for him...).

I was going to do a nice little post on how we met (the Magic Cockroach!) but I was up most of the night with the Scientist who has a raging case of the stomach flu so my brain cells took one look at the size of the story I was going to post and promptly staged a coup.

Suffice it to say, we met our freshman year at Pepperdine, had three classes together, and began spending time together when my roommate and I were sitting in the cafeteria on a Sunday, enjoying brunch, and a cockroach leaped from beneath her plate, scuttled across her tray, and scrambled across the table toward me.

(I will now take a moment to assure any potential Pepperdine alum that this is the one and only time I ever saw a cockroach on campus and I think he was simply acting as an agent of Fate, rather than as a disgusting, breeds-like-a-maniac symptom of infestation.)

There are many things I can tolerate without a flicker of an eyelash. Cockroaches aren't one of them. We leaped from the table, glanced around the cafeteria for a new place to sit, and I saw hubby and said, "Hey. I know that guy." So we joined him and his roommates at their table, ended up watching a movie with them afterward, and from that day on, he and I were inseparable.

We didn't figure out we were in love for many months. In fact, when we finally discussed our true feelings and agreed marriage was it for us, I looked at him and said, "So, do you think we should go on a date?" =D

And that's the abbreviated story of how the Magic Cockroach brought us together and we became engaged before going on a single date.


  1. Ah, the truly timeless combinations...

    Tom and Jerry.

    Peanut butter and jelly.

    And, of course, cockroaches and romance.

    Happy anniversary, y'all!

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you! And don't leave out the part....."everyone knew you were in love except you two!!!! We are blessed to have you in our family. Hugs & Love - B&C

  3. Kerry - Can't go wrong with a classic. =D

    B&C - Thanks!! Yeah, yeah...everyone knew. *grins*

  4. Congrats on 14 fabulous years with your best friend!

    Your cockroach story had me laughing so loud my resident Fashion Queen came in to see if her weird mother was all right. Gwynly and I met over a plate of his homemade chocolate chip cookies. My first meeting story, like my writing, is sweet and traditional. Yours is hilarious, just as I'd expect.

    What is it with choosing guys who can bake better than we can and think our writing is beyond wonderful? Guess we really know how to pick 'em, huh?

    And I think it's cool how our anniversaries are only two days apart.

  5. Has it really been 14 years since I shoved a Christmas tree in your car? For the record- you said I could not play any pranks DURING the wedding... Happy Anniversary!

  6. So you're the guilty party Jake!!! CJ's Dad has been hunting you for 14 years! Since all of the live trees in the church had to be sprayed with fire retardent(very, very, veerryy expensive!) we worked out a deal with a local tree dealer to rent them. The catch was that they had to all be returned in perfect condition. The bill is in the mail. Cash is prefered be a check will do.

  7. It was a beautiful background for the wedding- but not as priceless as the look on everyone's faces seeing an entire tree in a car. And even better hearing about pine needles hitting them in the face months later...


    Happy Anniversary!

    Only a writer would wind up with a story like that for the start of a relationship. ;)

    I also like the disclaimer to Pepperdine.

    All the best!

  9. Keli - What a nice way to meet your husband!

    Jake - I KNEW IT. And that was hardly your only crime. Fruit-painted soup tureen re-gifter!!

    Mom - Lol.

    Peter - Thanks! I seem to attract odd stories. =D

  10. *laughs and hugs*

    Only you.



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  12. Don't forget the engagement march around campus! My personal favorite... Poor CJ gets abducted at her car, and instead of being escorted to her dorm room where her husband to be is waiting nervously to propose- we decide it would be much more entertaining to take you on a 30 min walk all around campus, even at one point pretending to go into the chapel!!! Why did it feel so good to be so bad?

  13. I just love love! I love how you were engaged before your first date. Now that is when you know it was truly meant to be. :) Happy Belated Anniversary!


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