Friday, December 19, 2008

And The Poop Saga Continues

By now, all blog readers are excruciatingly familiar with our family's odd tradition of making gingerbread poop cookies after putting up our decorations. One blog reader (who doubles as CP extraordinaire) Keli Gwyn was out and about when she spied what she felt would be the perfect gift for my boys.

The box arrived yesterday and the boys were instantly hovering around me as I announced that it was addressed to them from my friend Keli in California. What could it be? Race cars? Bags of "gold nugget" candy? Journals so my aspiring inventor, comic strip writer, and author could work on their own projects?


Not even close.

Instead, I pulled out the Poo-lar Bear (The Sub Zero Poopin' Hero!), the Super-Dooper Reindeer Pooper, and the Grumpy Party Pooper, each with the tag line "With piles of yummy jelly beans" and a handful of brown jelly beans.

The kids were thrilled.

We pulled off the heads of the poo-lar bear, reindeer, and sheep and dumped the jelly beans in. My children, being well acquainted with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans were naturally suspicious as to the flavor of the jelly beans in question. However, as these are the same children who gobbled up vomit, booger, and earthworm jelly beans this summer, they were not about to be deterred from their prize by the daunting prospect of candy that tasted like fecal matter.

Happily, the beans were chocolate or cola flavored instead.

We filled the animals, popped the heads back into place, and the fun began. To access the candy, each child simply pressed down on the back of their animal and retrieved their jelly bean. The reindeer and the sheep both hoisted their tails in the air and shot a bean out their backside. The poo-lar bear, heaven help us, squatted and squeezed out his offering onto the table.

Thank you, Keli, for a gift perfectly suited to the demented brains of my three boys. =)


  1. I got the reindeer one as a gift a couple of years ago. I loved playing with it, but I am kind of demented. This was a good gift for your kids. Once they eat all the original jelly beans you know you are going to have to buy more

  2. O. M. G.

    *frantically googles to locate most convenient source of this treasure*

    I found a penguin! Hehe!

    *iz ded*

  3. And is my new home away from home.

    *orders pooping pig keychain to replace long-lost pooping sheep keychain*

  4. LOL!! That Keli finds the coolest stuff. :)

  5. I'm cracking up. I never stopped to think about the flavors of the jelly beans, but after braving a few Bertie Bott's beans in the past, I can understand the concern. Glad these were "respectable" flavors--unlike their disgusting but oh-so-boy-friendly dispensers. Slinking off with evil laugh lingering in the frosty air.

  6. I saw these in the store when with my buddy Laughter down in Galesburg for Homecoming. [On Halloween day, mind you, when the entire store had already been entirely decorated for Xmas (with no All Hallow's Eve decor in sight).] I wondered who on earth would buy such a thing. I've been answered.

    "We pulled off the heads"
    - and I thought it couldn't get more disturbing at the time. ;)

  7. Jen - Hmm...perhaps I'll substitute raisins or peanuts instead. =D

    Kerry - Oh, yes. This is right up your alley. I'll have to check out your home away from home. lol.

    Katy - It is indeed. :)

    Lynn - She does, doesn't she?

    Keli - You definitely picked a winner!

    Peter - Ah, yes. Now you know. I'd say they'll grow out of it, but I have my doubts. :)


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