Friday, December 12, 2008

Windy City, Here I Come!

1. Hubby and I leave early this afternoon for a quick trip to Chicago on someone else's dime.

2. Our assignment: see Jersey Boys tonight at the theater so hubby can talk about it on air.

3. Our true goal: cram as much Chicago into our systems as possible before boarding a plane tomorrow night at 7.

4. Paul and Kelly, showing the kind of fortitude usually reserved for those serving in the Marine Corp, have bravely volunteered to stay with our kids.

5. Yes, Juan Pedro is in hiding.

6. Regular blog readers know that our family has a tradition around Christmas time of making gingerbread poop cookies.

7. This is what happens when you have boys.

8. This year, I whipped out the gingerbread, handed out dough to the kids, made my own cookies, popped the entire thing in the oven and then promptly forgot about them.

9. Thirty minutes (give or take a few) later, Starshine wandered up to me and asked if the poop was ready yet.

10. I ran to the oven, opened the door, and hauled out pans of scorched gingerbread bricks.

11. Starshine ran to the stairs and said something I doubt anyone else in the history of the world has ever said.

12. "Hey guys! Mom burned the poop!"

13. Even the dog had a tough time gnawing his way through one of those cookies.

14. I don't think we're taking a laptop with us to Chicago, so I'll be back online Sunday to give you all the gory details.

15. Hopefully no over-zealous airport security person tries to abscond with any of my lip gloss again.

16. That nearly caused on international incident.

17. Reader Question: What's an unusual (or meaningful) holiday tradition you share with your family?


  1. I should know by now that as soon as you mention your kids, I need to leave and come back when an uncontrollable outburst of laughter won't attract undue attention...

  2. I'd agree with Kerry, if I had an office to sit in. LOL

    To answer your question: this is the second year we will have Mexican food for Christmas dinner, which my mother finds extremely odd and not very Christmas-y. I told her we could have a ham for Christmas Eve dinner. She is now happy. =D

  3. What does it say that ours all involve tall tales, drinking, or both?

    A favorite? The most sought after holiday job is to stir the gravy. Even as a vegetarian, I find myself jockeying for this position. Why? S/he who stirs get her own bottle of wine to sip whilst "slaving" over the stove. (Our gravy IS the smoothest around, by the way.)

    Have a great trip to Chi-town. Tell it I say "hi" and miss it lots. Do try to get over the Millennium Park to check out the Bean. It's all kinds of cool.


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