Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beware the Titanium Spork!

1. I'll be working a total of 20 hours between today and tomorrow and my current reaction is the antithesis of YAY!! WOOHOO!!

2. Still, it's money.

3. I've rediscovered my love for bread pudding.

4. This isn't necessarily a good thing, since I try to justify eating it for lunch with rationalizations like "It has raisins! That's fruit!" or "The ice cream counts as a serving of dairy!"

5. Still, ice cream is dairy...

6. Saw Inkheart on Tuesday night (Preview showing--one of the perks of hubby's job) and it was fantastic.

7. Can't say the same for the man sitting next to Daredevil.

8. I won't bore you with the details of the twenty minutes before the movie that he spent talking to my son (What adult wants to talk to a stranger's kid for 20 minutes??), but I intervened when he began a long political spiel that began with his passionate beliefs regarding offshore drilling and ended with a convoluted explanation of why we shouldn't have political parties.

9. When he exclaimed that we as a country no longer behaved like a democracy anymore but more like a republic, I leaned over, smiled in a way designed to bare my teeth, and said "That's because we ARE a republic. We were founded as a republic. We've remained a republic. If your memory gets rusty, simply recite the pledge of allegiance."

10. That stopped him.

11. Underworld comes out Friday and I want to see it.

12. Maybe I'll have one day off next week and can go to a matinee.

13. I've just looked at the clock and realized that I've already used up the six minutes of free time I had between breakfast and shower and must get ready for work.

14. I'm sure I had other interesting items to add to this list.

15. Here are a few random thoughts to get you through the day.

16. Titanium sporks make excellent weapons.

17. Bread and butter pickles are really gross.

18. Why are teenage boys allowed to drive? The combination of too much testosterone and easy access to a gas pedal is destined for trouble every time.

19. Rat terriers--cute? Or tiny menaces with Napoleonic complexes the size of the Hudson?

20. Peace out.


  1. 19 is definitely both, since chihuahuas are similar. However, Bacon is simply wonderful. lol. But I might be biased.

  2. FYI- You only have to be 14 to drive in South Dakota... Of course there is nothing out here to crash into.

  3. I want to see Underworld, too!!!


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