Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Thoughts

Today is my 35th birthday, and while I don't feel especially philosophical this morning, I wanted to take a look at the upcoming year and jot down a few things I want to accomplish. (Naturally, the anal part of my personality refuses to allow me to make a list of anything less or more than 35!)

1. Reorganize my workspace. (This entails new office furniture, filing systems, and an idea board on the wall. Plus the hanging of my favorite Captain Jack Sparrow poster for inspiration.)

2. Develop the habit of walking the 1.6 miles around my neighborhood four days a week.

3. Work on two writing projects at the same time.

4. Get rid of all the stuff I no longer use.

5. Hang out with my kids every chance I get.

6. Get some comfortable chairs or a swing for my front porch.

7. Get to know the employees of my local bookstore by name.

8. Resist all homicidal impulses while I'm at work.

9. Oh, fine. Resist all homicidal impulses period. There. Happy?

10. Do something special with each boy each month for that rare one on one time.

11. Go on a date with my hubby every month.

12. Cut fried foods out of my diet.

13. Bake bread.

14. Get to the bottom of the ironing pile just once. Once.

15. Better give myself two years to accomplish that.

16. Travel to China to bring home my daughter.

17. Go back to Chicago for a day.

18. Help Daredevil publish a comic book.

19. Read at least 50 books.

20. Play tag on our front lawn.

21. Teach Starshine how to keep his room clean.

22. Enjoy the quiet when I've got it.

23. Get up early 5 days a week to write.

24. Do better about keeping up with my Live Journal.

25. Maybe post once a week?

26. Bake cookies often.

27. Call my friends just to check in.

28. Develop friendships within my local writers group.

29. Have the good sense to steer clear of any head injuries this year.

30. Blog daily (or just about) on The Last Word.

31. Sign with an agent.

32. Show my hubby how much I appreciate him.

33. I can't think of any more.

34. And I really have to get ready to go to work now.

35. So these last three will be left open so I can be flexible and add things to the list as I feel like doing them.


  1. Because it can't be said enough: Happy birthday!

    LiveJournal is reportedly imploding or being taken over by Russian spies or some calamitous thing (the Chicken Little hysteria bored me right quick, so I didn't stick around to get, yanno, ACCURATE details), so you might be able to slide on that one (two?).

    Or not. "You vill post, capitalist scum, or you vill DIE!" Who knows?

    If I start compiling a similar list now, I might come up with 35 by March. Or 12. I act like I'm 12, so I can use 12, right?

  2. Happy Birthday, C.J.!!!! May your day be fab!

  3. Kerry - Thanks! I haven't heard any of the bruhaha re:LJ so I guess we'll see. Maybe I won't have to worry about it.

    Yes, you can use 12. As long as they're really, really good. (And avoiding udder milking machines doesn't count.)

    Lynn - Thanks, sweetie!

    Katy - Thanks again! And yay for free trips to the bookstore! You rock.


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