Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conversations That Make No Sense

A conversation that happened today between myself and a coworker whom I barely know.

Coworker: I heard you're going to see a movie tonight! I want to see a movie! Can I come?

Me: Um, no. I'm going on a dinner and a movie date with my husband tonight for my birthday.

Coworker: But I really want to see a movie! Can't I come too?

Me: It's a date. With my husband. For my birthday.

Coworker: I can sit behind you.

Me: No.

Coworker: I won't even say a word. Please?

Me: Wow. No. It's. A. Date. *begin enunciating words carefully since brain damage is a possible factor.*

Coworker: So I can't come? Even if I just sit behind you guys?

Me: NO.

Coworker: You know, that really hurts my feelings.

Me: I don't see how it possibly could. I'm going on a date with my husband for my birthday. No one else is invited. I wouldn't take my best friend with me, much less a woman I barely know. If you want to see the movie, go to the theater and buy a ticket. I don't care. But you aren't going with me.

Coworker: Fine. I just might go anyway. But don't worry. If I see you, I'll look away so you don't know I'm in the same room.

Me: Sheesh. I'm too old for junior high politics. See you later. *walks off*


  1. My guess is that someone from The Office will find this on your blog and use it in a future episode.

    ((wipes laughter tears from eyes))

  2. Coworker is working two jobs and has a hell of a daily commute from Florida to Tennessee. I know this because I had a similar conversation recently (similar as in "it's impossible for me to go to that public place unless I go with you, so you're a meanie for not letting me come," not the husband-birthday-date-movie part), and it is not possible for there to be two people of such dizzying cluelessness in the world.

    *returns to fantasy world in which there is a one-person limit on dizzying cluelessness*

  3. I bet i know exactly who that was...ha ha.

  4. The word "dim bulb" comes to mind. Honestly!

  5. Stop putting our conversations in your blogs, CJ. :)

    I hope you had a wonderful birtday and date ALONE with your hubby. I need to be warned about these intrusive co-workers of ours.

  6. I missed this! How did I miss this?

    *face palm* That person needs a clue-by-four upside the head.



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