Monday, January 26, 2009

Completely Uncalled For

Kerry Allen and I had a small "thing" today on her blog in which I inadvertently got the chorus of Electric Avenue stuck in her head. To make up for my gaffe, I posted the chorus to Macarena on her blog so she would no longer be plagued with the tune from EA.

She told me that was uncalled for, which got me thinking about a video I once saw that made me laugh. Here it is.

And, even funnier, college guys in a dorm doing the same video with one of the "players" totally unaware of the impending joke.


  1. I'm toatlly devastated that I don't have the necessary Flash player on my work computer to watch these right now. I'll have some form of mystery torture to look forward to until I get home. Yay!

  2. (My cackle drew an audience, who subsequently cackled, as well.)

    And whoa, that little guy in the second one was brave! I make a point to never prank anybody who could crush me like a soda can.

  3. No kidding. That totally (sorry...toatily) reminds me of my hubby and his roommates at college. Actually, he and his friends would do that now...


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