Monday, January 26, 2009

I Was Right! (as usual)

Long time blog readers know I have a deep-seated mistrust of goats. It's the eyes. And the head-butting. And the nasty proclivity to masticate their way through a brand new Coach handbag.

Many of you have cast aspersions on my belief that goats are mini criminals in the making. Some of you have even gone so far as to call them cute, a fact that is beside the point. Evil can be cute. Never doubt it.

Today, I bring you proof. A goat has been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. I'm interested to see what the witnesses say at his trial.


  1. They also pee into their own mouths in front of an audience and then laugh at their own disgustingness. I have seen this with my own eyes.

    My mother wants a goat. (If you knew my mother, this would not surprise you in the least. Let's just say I come by my "quirks" honestly...)

  2. I just googled that nasty little fact (not because I don't believe you, but to understand how this could happen and not be public knowledge). Ew. Just, ew. One more reason not to have a male goat anywhere near me.

    In fact, I've made a new rule that NO animal with a "spray attachment on his member" (lifted verbatim from the article I read) may come within 3 miles of me.


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