Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our New Family Members

Today we adopted two 3 month old kittens from a local rescue organization. So far, we've established that Tinks is adventurous and Carly is a cuddler. And our 60 pound Chow dog, who desperately wants to be friends with both, is terrified of Tinks' hiss.

They've conquered the downstairs bathroom, with brief forays into the laundry room across the hall for litter box perusal. Tinks even raced into the dining room for a moment before scuttling back to the safety of the bathroom, where she promptly unrolled the toilet paper.

This is Carly, who was a bit camera shy:

Tinks is a beauty with attitude:


  1. What a pair of cuties! And I think Torties are known for attitude. :) So have fun with that one. Yay you! for supporting a local rescue group! :)

  2. Oh my cute! I love cats. I cant wait to see 'em!

  3. Oh yeah- you've got some big lessons in "torti-tude" coming. Destiny, my little Dingocat, is a torti, too. Good luck! (Don't know if you read any of her posts on my blog.... just search "destiny" or click a tag.) You're in for a wild ride with that Tink!

    Congrats on your new family members!

  4. They are so beautiful. You done good CJ.

    One of my favorite cats (and that is hard to say cause I have loved them all) was a tortie called Maow because my then 18 month old son used to run after her calling Maow Maow, because that was the sound she made. My huband had originaly called her Herbert.

    Kittens bring such joy and two will be twice the fun. Good luck with your new family members.

  5. Very cute.
    Any chance Tinks is derived from Miss Bell? ;)

  6. Very cute! A few years ago I adopted two kitties on Valentine's Day. Don't they make the perfect gift? :)

  7. They are adorable, CJ! As if life wasn't interesting enough!

    I'm going to say that Tinks is in honor of the Pixie chicks. Because Tinkerbell was a mischievous pixie, too.

    Enjoy all the fun with your new babies.


  8. They are so adorable! What a nice way to bring some kitty love back into your house.


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