Monday, February 16, 2009

Bananas, Pickles, and Romance

1. The kittens now own the downstairs. Tinks has made several forays into the upstairs and Carly made up two steps before rethinking her strategy and returning to the safety of her favorite couch.

2. They bring us joy.

3. The Scientist and I were running errands the other day when he began to question me about potassium--the benefits and the most accessible sources.

4. This is not an uncommon line of thinking for the Scientist, who wants to know every detail about everything.

5. I explained that bananas are a great source of potassium and said that I thought it helped give a person energy and boost brain power.

6. He then said the following: "Well, bananas would be a good thing to have with you in case of an emergency, then."

7. Me: "What kind of emergency?"

8. Scientist: "You know. In case someone faints. If bananas give energy right away, that's a great way to bring around a person who's fainted."

9. Me: "Weeeelll, maybe. But how could you get a person who's fainted to eat the banana?"

10. Scientist: "The best method would be to cut it into tiny pieces and force them to chew. But, if it's an emergency, I guess you'd have to just shove chunks of it down their throat."

11. Never fear. I'm steering him away from a career as a paramedic.

12. Yesterday, I was teaching our 3 year olds Sunday school class and we were talking about Valentine's Day. I asked them if they thought God wanted a Valentine from us and they all agreed yes. Then I asked them if they had anything to give God for a Valentine.

13. One little boy's hand shot into the air.

14. I looked at him and asked, "What do you have to give God for a Valentine?"

15. "I've got gas!" he said.

16. And as I choked down my laughter, he added thoughtfully, "And pickles."

17. Last night, my hubby and his friends cooked an amazing dinner for their wives. We hosted it at my house and the men surprised us with a masseuse as well.

18. It was a wonderful evening, even if they did take a blowtorch to my antique china tea cups during the making of creme brulee. =D

19. Today, I'll be doing laundry (I know, I know. Shocking.) and taking the kids to see Pink Panther 2 this afternoon.

20. Reader Question: If you could re-read one favorite book this year, which would it be?


  1. The Graveyard Book!, said Peter immediately and with too much vigor.

    I suppose I could re-read it, but for the fact that someone is borrowing it. I could also (and want to) listen to and watch Gaiman read it aloud online, but alas, I never find time for that.

  2. Pride & Prejudice, and I'll be re reading it at some point lol

  3. Time Traveler's Wife.

    We were teaching my son's 2 year old Sunday School class once and were talking about the Nativity. I pointed to the donkey..."what is this?" "A honkey!"...MY son said. "'s something else." "NO! IT'S A HONKEY!"

    I couldn't stop laughing...and neither could the other teachers.

  4. I'm going to re-read Shana Abe's Drakon books because I realized as I read the last one that she has the ability to describe a room's carpet and furnishings and drapes or a character's clothing in intricate detail WITHOUT making my eyes glaze over and skim for the next bit of dialogue, which is usually what happens (lolKerry sez: ur wallpaper iz not relevant to my interests). Obviously, I need to investigate how she accomplishes this miraculous feat.

  5. The Hunger Games. Hunger Games was made of win and sauteed with beef tenderloin with a dash of pepper and awesome sauce. As soon as the sequel hits the shelves in September I'm going to barter for every delicious, action-filled, meaty page without, hopefully, shoplifting, bribery, or, y'know, homicide. (Pfft, like I'd ever do that.)

  6. *falls over laughing at Angelic Daughter's response*

    Oh, yes, girl. You are definitely your mother's daughter!! Love it! :)


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