Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skorts, V-Day, and Taps for the 9-4

1. Yes, I realize I'm giving out my home address.

2. However, given where I live, how many people will really want to come find me?

3. I overheard something the other day that made me laugh 'til I choked.

It's a skort. Skirt in the front, shorts in the back. It's like a mullet for your butt.

4. The 9-4, perpetrator of crimes like this and also this, has run afoul of the three strikes law and is now a felon.

5. The penalty in this instance is death.

6. Well, death or $1500 bail but since a) I'm pretty sure the 9-4 is already planning its next assault on my wallet and b) the silly thing isn't even worth $1500 when it's up and running, I chose death.

7. Which means today my hubby and I went car shopping and I now own a new van. It looks like this one, only silver.

8. I'm not sure how I'll get used to driving a van with so much less character.

9. Perhaps the working a/c, heat that comes out of every vent, cd player with a totally rocking sound system, captain's chairs, dvd player, automatic sliding door, unsullied paint job, and windows that refuse to fall out will help me adjust.

10. =D

11. I really can't stand spending time with people who consistently behave in a condescending manner toward others.

12. If you feel the need to lecture others or give supercilious little comments to showcase what you feel is your superior intelligence/experience/whatever, please feel free to take yourself elsewhere or hold on for the forthcoming verbal smack down.

13. I really don't hold my tongue well around those who can't treat others as equals.

14. Garlic crescent rolls from Pillsbury are an excellent concoction.

15. The boys have Valentine's Day parties tomorrow.

16. The cost of boxes of V-Day cards is laughably ridiculous, especially since they don't even have envelopes anymore.

17. Instead, I just buy bags of candy, sandwich baggies, and labels and put together little treat bags for each student.

18. Plus, I help my boys avoid the terrible gaffe of accidentally giving a semi-mushy card to *gasp* a girl.

19. I miss my Taz. So do the boys. We aren't crying ourselves to sleep anymore, but the house still feels empty without her.

20. Reader Question: Any ideas for cool names for female kittens? We'll be heading to a rescue center some day soon.


  1. Female kitten name: Meankitty of course!

    We got a box of Valentines for a buck at Family Dollar. Of course they were for the toddler who then ripped them all to pieces.... The school kid wanted to make her Valentines herself.

  2. I didn't think of the dollar store. Perhaps next year...

    Went to the new Kroger instead. Insanity! I mean, cool store and all, but overwhelming at first.


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