Friday, February 6, 2009

Run, C.J., Run!

1. Despite the fact that I soooo do not have the time to be sick (picture my To Do list armed to the teeth and chasing me down with murderous intent), I have a bad cold.

2. I'm heading off to work my 13 hour shift anyway.

3. I sincerely hope this cold goes away over the weekend so I don't have to head to the doctor on Monday for the antibiotics and steroids it takes to keep it from turning, once more, into pneumonia.

4. I really don't have time for pneumonia.

5. Yesterday was the Scientist's eleventh birthday so we spent the evening as a family at Chuck E. Cheese.

6. Since I'm adept at blocking out deafening levels of noise (There are some advantages to living with three boys and a dog after all!), I can sit in a booth and read a book for two hours while the boys race around playing games and hoarding tickets for the eventual trip to the prize counter.

7. I hope Obama can find some people to appoint to his Cabinet who haven't committed tax fraud. Three (or is it four?) so far is not change we can believe in and I really want him to get this right, for all our sakes.

8. I believe I may be the first prep cook in my restaurant's history who needs protective eye gear to do her job.

9. To date, I've shot myself in the eye with tomato seeds (more annoying than painful), water (not so bad), and lemon juice (NOT. FUN.).

10. I really don't like to prep cook and after next week, I'm switching back to waiting tables full time. I can deal with that.

11. While working on rewrites for SF, I realized that a scene I'd always envisioned, even before I began working on the novel, will now fit into the fabric of the story (I'd had to cut it in the earlier version).

12. This scene totally rocks.

13. Valentine's Day is coming up and I have never been a difficult girl to buy for on this Hallmark-created holiday.

14. I actually don't know if Hallmark created this holiday or not, but they're certainly profiting from it.

15. I don't like chocolate. I don't do bouquets of flowers. And I pick out my own jewelry.

16. All I need is a gift card to Books A Million and I feel loved.

17. Every year, my hubby and his friends gather their wives together at my house and treat us to a multi-course sit down dinner. It's amazing. They set up a gorgeous table, print up fancy menus, cook everything (There's only been 1 fire in four years of tradition, so that's not bad. Either that or we're due...), and have a paraffin hand spa set up to the side and/or a masseuse.

18. My friends and I are married to some pretty amazing guys.

19. I have zero desire to see He's Just Not That Into You.

20. In fact, if I had to choose between watching that movie and locking myself in a goat pen for an hour, I'd be heading to the local petting zoo as fast as my little feet could take me.

21. Reader Question: What's the perfect gift for you? (Be it for Valentine's Day or whatever.)


  1. Gift card to a bookstore.

    Anything dragon related lol


    Coffee Cups(unique coffee cups)

  2. *grins* Something sharp and shiny.

    Or a bookstore gift card. :D


  3. A couple million dollars ought to do it. In lieu of that, books, chocolate, a spa day, and/or a poem would suffice.

  4. I don't like dying vegetation, unapproved varieties of chocolate, strange people touching me (massage? um, NO!), Hallmark sentiments, or sparkly wearable baubles. Basically, if it's marketed as a romantic gift, it's not going to work with me.

    I like practical gifts (for instance, I'd find it insanely romantic if someone bought me windshield wipers, particularly the next time it rains and I'm reminded I still haven't replaced the old ones, the blades of which work like they've been chewed by squirrels) and pointless, stupid, frivolous gifts that serve no purpose other than to make me laugh.

    I'm cheap to win over if one knows me at all and puts just a smidgen of thought into it.


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