Friday, March 6, 2009

Insert Clever Title Here

1. I now have kittens piling onto my desk each morning, sprawling across my keyboard, and chewing on various body parts when the mood strikes.

2. Tinks tried chewing on my nearest body part a few days ago and we came to an understanding.

3. She doesn't bite The Girls and I don't lock her out of the office.

4. Of course, my idea of "we have an understanding" could just be her idea of "biding her time."

5. Lost rocks this season.

6. The boys are all well enough to go to school today, which means I have uninterrupted time to write.

7. I need to revise the last few chapters, tie up some loose ends, and then run it through a couple CPs before sending it off to my agent.

8. Yes, I'm finally getting used to saying "my agent." :)

9. I saw part of a show recently where a family kept some unusual pets--including a cockroach farm. Inside their house.

10. A. Cockroach. Farm.


12. They claim the cockroaches make excellent pets.

13. I think that qualifies them as lunatics.

14. Reader Question: What's the most unusual pet you've ever owned?


  1. I've never had any pets more exotic than dogs, cats, and infanticidal cannibal hamsters.

    But I was, briefly, followed by a chinchilla on Twitter.

  2. In a misguided attempt, I once took a clam I found in the ocean home and tried to keep it in a cup I filled with salt water.
    It.... eh.... didn't make it.
    Other than that- I've had one awesome cat (Domino- my childhood best pal), one sweetie cat (Clarity- RIP Clar Bear), and my current cat- a torti who I think is part Dingo-- Destiny the Dingocat.
    I also lived with Peter--- does he count as a pet? He's fun, entertaining, loyal, and doesn't demand much more than loving friendship, food, and shelter. :D

  3. I had itty bitty turtles when I was young.

  4. Hmm... I once had a 10ft Burmese python. Does that count?


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