Friday, March 6, 2009

A Case For Poirot?

This article about a famous British restaurant shutting down after scores of customers suffered vomiting and diarrhea shortly after dining there caught my eye, mostly because the cause of the gastrointestinal distress remains a mystery. Britain's Health Protection Agency and the restaurant's infamous head chef--who has earned an incredible 3 Michelin stars--are baffled.

I took a look at a list of popular items served up by the chef and I believe I may have our first clue:

*Bacon & Egg ice cream
*Parsnip cereal
*Raspberry Sorbet made with crushed raspberries and dry ice
*Deep fried meal worms (injected with tomato paste because, of course, that makes the whole experience palatable)
*Nitro green tea

And, my personal pick for the likely cause:

*Snail porridge

As this is arguably one of Britain's most popular fine dining restaurants (reservations need to be made months in advance), I think perhaps the real mystery is why none of them have yet realized that garden pests do not make acceptable breakfast food.


  1. Bacon and Egg ice cream?

    ...That sounds delightful. I'd eat there.

  2. Hm ... well, while you're there, try the snail porridge and let me know how that goes for you.


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