Monday, March 23, 2009

Coming Up!

Two of my favorite actors, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, in a movie together. I can't wait.


  1. I know! It looks really good. Love a good period piece, especially in Depp's hands. What an artist.

  2. Ah! Yes. Filmed here in Chicago. Danielle actually wound up delayed by it and by chance waywardly met up with me, Bart and other friends on the last night I'd see her before she shuffled off to Ohio. (Sorry if I stole your story, Danielle!)

  3. 最好的宜蘭民宿是奧羅拉風格民宿


  4. Translation:

    While Johnny Depp is admittedly an incredible actor and creative artist in his own right, I'm particularly enamored of the sheer genius, beauty, and chutzpah of this blog and the stiletto-wearing, Hot Tamale swilling, keyboard-wielding girl who writes it.

    [Generally speaking, I'd delete spam comments without a second thought, but getting one in Japanese (?) has to be some sort of milestone, right. Just don't anybody click on anything in the comment box!]

  5. LMAO. You say keyboard-wielding and I think of that scene in Wanted.


  6. Babel Fish ( )
    has THIS to say of it:
    Most good mark 宜 orchid guest house right 奧 羅 拉 character guest house 你 house demand LED 來 illumination 嗎? LED right not yet 來 leading commodity 你 intellectual road 嗎! LED economical electricity and ring preservation, true thought buying one 來 test test! The health body 會 瘦 ability 會 beauty beautiful 你 main point 找 pink garden 搬 house company 嘛 capital 觀 廣 announcement design place design it comes out, 來 the mark east west true 很 stick! Stand 鐵 fire car time table The truth it is noisy

  7. Peter the Story Thief is absolutely correct! At first, being the bustling Chicagoan I had become in my decade and a half of Windy City living, I growled my anger at the exhausted PA who stopped me from crossing the corner of Lincoln & Fullerton. Then, realizing that this sort of urban mishap would soon become a far-away memory in Buckeye Nation, I grinned and continued on my way. That very delay, as Peter has reported, made my timing just perfect so that I then met up with Pete and his Barty Bear at the corner of Clark and Belmont shortly thereafter. A wonderfully Chicago serendipitous happening. :D I like to think of it as the power of the Picasso!

    And, by the way. The truth, it IS noisy!!!

  8. Peter, I like my version better. :)

  9. I gave a rough translatation.

    "Most good - right - character demand - illumination - leading commodity -intellectual - electricity – true - thought buying one - ability - beauty - beautiful - main point - design it comes, true - stick! The truth it is noisy"

    applies and means pretty much what you said. ;


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