Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gimme Back That Fillet-O-Fish!

1. That new McDonald's fillet-o-fish commercial is a menace.

2. At first, I mocked it. I mean, come on, a singing bass serenading two guys in an attempt to reclaim his already cooked buddy?

3. I said things like "What did that ad team smoke for breakfast when they came up with this winner?" and other equally unflattering observations.

4. It wasn't until last night that I realized the true genius of the ad.

5. I can't get the stupid song (And it is a stupid song!) out of my head.

6. Gimme back that fillet-o-fish! Gimme that fish!

7. *bangs head on desk*

8. In other news, I finished revising the ending for SF, added two chapters and wrote an epilogue.

9. My CPs liked it, there were no glaring instances of absolute idiocy, so I sent it off to Holly.

10. Now I wait to see if it's submission-ready or needs another tweak.

11. In the mean time, I'm interviewing some people on the Crescent City area of California (thank you Jared for the hook up) and talking with Paul about the inner workings of a jail.

12. And I'm debating on names for my main antagonist in Twisting Fate. I've narrowed it down to Victor or Vincent, but am open to other suggestions.

13. Needs to have an edgy, convict vibe to it with an element of cool.

14. A few days ago, as Daredevil was leaving the house to catch the bus, he turned to me, clasped my hands in his, and said "Don't let the flame die out, Mom. Don't let the flame die out."

15. He then exited stage right.

16. I really should put him in children's theater.

17. By the way, I'm on facebook for any of you regular blog readers who haven't found me there yet.

18. Reader Question: Batman vs. Ironman. Who wins and why?


  1. hmmm.. see.. I'd say Ironman, but than I have to decide if I like Christian or Robert better..

    I am undecided.

  2. A few days ago, as Daredevil was leaving the house to catch the bus, he turned to me, clasped my hands in his, and said "Don't let the flame die out, Mom. Don't let the flame die out."

    *spits coffee all over*

    I really can't wait to meet your children.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I am partial to Vincent only because I am a big Beauty & the Beast (tv show) fan..swoon...probably the only
    "man" I'd tolerate with better hair than me! ;-)

  5. I'm surprised you even watch commercials. They have to be pretty damn atypical for me to reverse the flow of time on TiVo. I have seen the commercial you speak of WHIZ by...

    I'm sure you realize this, but my first thought on Victor and Vincent is the meaning, a la "winner." Depending on what happens in the story (or the amount of irony you're employing), are you sure you want the villain with that moniker? (Although I do like the names for a character.)

    As for the superhero question... oh, I don't even know why I'm mentioning it, in fact. I've said it before, I've had it up to "here" with costumed avengers.

  6. I hadn't seen a commercial in over a year until the Superbowl. I haven't watched a commercial since. I have Tivo and it is the greatest invention ever.

    Wow if we went by the graphic novels I would say Batman. Movie wise I would say Ironman. Although I love Christian Bale. It is a hard one though.

  7. Batman. He'd have some gizmo to de-power Ironman's suit and out of the suit Ironman doesn't have the training Batman has had.


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