Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Vote Goes To

I posted a new poll today on scariest cinematic villains of all time. Naturally, with so few slots, I couldn't give us a full range of options, so I picked three that scared me senseless because they had an element of chilly intelligence combined with a seductive charisma.

And yes, yes, I realize Norman isn't actually a true villain at the end of the movie, but you spend the entire movie afraid of him so he works.

My vote has to go to the Joker, the only villain to ever seduce me and scare me from the first second he walked onto the screen. The only villain to ever make me forget to watch anyone else in the movie.

Here's the scene in which the Joker first stole my heart.

And here's a perfect example of why the Joker makes such an excellent villain--he has no code, no rules, no conscience, and a startling ability to get under people's skin and make them do what he wants them to do in a matter of seconds.


  1. Joker. Joker, Joker, Joker. Just watched The Dark Knight. The hype was right. I'm not reading Twilight.
    ...Okay, I'm done. Really, though. This was a week of win for me. I finished a great book, I am the Cheese, by Robert Cormier, and a great movie. AWESOMESAUCE. (I should be on Best Week Ever.)

  2. You forgot a really good one! Benjamin Linus. So I voted other. And there are a few from books and video games I've played that would top the list for me. =)


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