Tuesday, April 7, 2009

But...Where's The Sparkle?

A few weeks ago, I met a writer friend at my local bookstore for coffee and conversation. Naturally, we also browsed the shelves and selected a few more books for our huge TBR piles. As we approached the cashier, our shiny new books clutched in our hands, we saw the most incredible thing.

Eddie and Bells action figures. Huge action figures. Bigger than Barbies. I guess you know you've arrived when a bookstore is selling action figures of your main characters. I was quite disappointed with them, though. Poor Eddie had not a single sparkle.


  1. That's what the Hot Topic Twilight glitter dust is for!

  2. O. M. G...
    I have never liked Twilight, ever. In the beginning, it piqued my curiosity, mostly because I had no idea WTF it was.
    Now, so many brain-dead teenyboppers have hammered every detail into my brain.


    Yet people tell me I can't judge.
    (I read the first paragraph in Target. It triggered my gag reflex. Read the excerpt on B&N.com. More gagging. Read an excerpt of another book in the series and had no idea what in the world was going on. Gagagagagagagag.)
    My hatred for over-hyped sparkalay vampires is questioned like my political and religious views.
    ...OMG. (I know... fifty-two people who will catch wind of this and buy EVERY SINGLE ONE. Srsly.) OMG!

  3. Guess what Angelic Daughter is getting for Christmas...


  4. Action figures are just silly. I absolutely love the Twilight Saga books, but I am one to quickly recognize that they are a bit dopey at times. Angelic Daughter, I would recommend reading New Moon, as it is vastly superior to Twilight.

  5. Avy - Please tell me that was a joke. A sick, twisted, tasteless joke ... ;)

    AngDot - lol

    Kerry - LOL

    BV - (*no longer even trying to type your full name) What are people supposed to do with these dolls, err, action figures? Play house? I don't get it.

  6. Said writer friend would like to clear up one thing - NO, she DID NOT purchase the dolls, nor will she.

    I did put glitter glue on my face on New Year's Eve, but that was a different thing entirely.

  7. What I want to know is if the Edward doll is made out of marble.

    Maybe you have to put him out in the sun for the sparkle. Then again, merchandising has nothing to do with cannon. My Crookshanks plush looks like he drunk the bong water.

    I truly do not know what they are supposed to do with the action figures, I wasn't allowed to have Barbies growing up - remember ;-D

  8. I'm guessing the doll has more life than freaking Kristen Stewart did in the movie. I mean, really. Though I guess it's something to be deader than the undead and to maintain "bored" for two hours. I haven't read the book(s) yet, nor do I think I will. I, too, read excerpts and heard from writerly friends that I'd likely not like it. So, like, no.
    Action figures always seemed oxymoronic to me.

  9. Uhm. Wow. Maybe the sparkle comes if you toss them into a bonfire?

  10. RE: Kristen Stewart's expression

    She DID drink the bong water.

  11. LOL, Myra!

    And what is up with the whole Japanese spam thing I've got going on? I don't get spam in English anymore, just Japanese.


  12. ...Mommy is mean.

    And, you have not REALLY lived until you're sent...EGYPTIAN SPAM. Aw, yeah. Burn, baby, buuuurn.

    Like your Hot Tamales.


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