Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Face Only A Goat-Farmer Could Love

1. See? Goats are disturbing.

2. Yesterday, I hit a moment of blogger's block and asked for suggestions on Twitter.

3. The first topic suggestion was zombies.

4. I realized suddenly that this blog has a regrettable lack of information on zombies, a situation I plan to rectify tomorrow.

5. Stay tuned.

6. Today, I get to go pee in a cup to prove to my company that I was not flying high on crack when I bashed my brains in on the shelf in the walk-in cooler.

7. Since I went to my own dr and didn't submit a worker's comp claim, I think this is ridiculous.

8. Still, they have the power to tell me I can't work a shift until I prove I've got nothing more sinister than Tylenol and Hot Tamales (which are of the devil) in my blood.

9. LOST is having a fantastic season.

10. This morning the Today show announced that romance novels appear to be recession-proof. Sales have gone up 30% since the whole panic about the economy started.

11. Yay for job security!

12. Speaking of novels, here's a friendly fyi: Many people who know me personally have asked me recently to email them a copy of my novel so they can read it.

13. I will NOT do it.

14. It's not because I don't love you, like you, or tolerate you reasonably well.

15. It's not because I'm not thrilled that you're so excited about SF you don't want to wait to read it in paperback form.

16. It's certainly not because I'm upset that you've sworn you'll still buy two copies when it hits the shelves.

17. It's because I lose control over who has the manuscript when I send it out and publisher's don't take kindly to buying work that is already crawling slowly across the Internet for free.

18. So, I may love you, like you, or tolerate you reasonably well, but if you don't already have a copy (i.e. Hubby and critique partners), you'll have to wait to buy your own.

19. I asked for topics on Twitter, but those of you who comment here are always a wealth of interesting ideas, so ...

20. Reader Question: What topic/s should I blog about next time I hit a blogger's block?


  1. Dude, I'm with Avalon76. That is a creepy ass goat.

  2. It's like the goat knows...

    I think zombies are wonderful title. See the aforementioned The Zombie Survival Guide on my blog. It really is a seriously written book, and we really do own it.

    I completely understand you not wanting to have your own version of the Midnight Sun catastrophe happen with your writing.

    Hasn't there been enough time from your accident until now to get rid of all the drugs in your system...I'm just saying. I thought time was of the essence with those things.

  3. Umm...tofu. And the catastrophes it causes. (Look, if I had a blog, tofu would be the first thing I posted about. Srsly.)

    Or, you could always post about STDs. Like the peoples on teh radios. Talkins about their Syphilliseses.
    Have you ever flipped through crummy music channels in the car, realized they're all Rihanna and Britney, and then flipped back to the only channel where they actually TALK in the afternoon? I did today, and the first thing uttered after flipping to said channel was, "...even Herpes." Lulz.

  4. And I LIKE the goat! >:(

    'S purty. <:(

  5. Also. Myotonic goats. They faint when you startle them, but they don't go unconcious. They become stick straight for ten to thirty seconds and get right back up. It's actually a genetic trait called myotonia congenita that makes them "Faint".
    (Google/Youtube/Wikipedia them. It's late, and Mom just pointed out that I've been hitting Insert while typing this. I'm absolutely distraught, considering I can't type thirty-five minutes before curfew. Huh.)


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