Monday, April 20, 2009

Chocolate-Covered Gummies & Imaginary Friends

1. I've decided to start a new tradition on this blog.

2. Top Ten lists every Friday.

3. Or most Fridays.

4. Depending on whether anyone else in the literary world (Oh, fine...the world at large) needs to be put back in their place.

5. I had a hilarious Top Ten planned for last Friday (Did you know Hershey's puts a warning label on some of their products?!) but was sidetracked by Miss Everyone-Who-Writes-Outside-My-Genre-Is-A-Hack.

6. Stay tuned for this week's shenanigans.

7. My sister has made my boys' decade by buying them each a DS Lite.

8. Now I only have to answer the "When is the package going to arrive?!" question fifty times a day.

9. Small sacrifice to make for having someone else anti up to bring joy to their little hearts.

10. Tinks has an imaginary friend.

11. It's both funny and slightly scary.

12. She's adopted a tiger Webkinz (Can she see the colors and know it looks somewhat like Carly?) and carries it around in her mouth by the back of it's neck, gives it a bath, sleeps with it, and wrestles it into submission whenever her devious kitty brain tells her the tiger has displayed the unmitigated gall to resist her ministrations.

13. I'm calling the rescue shelter today to see if there's another kitten who will meet our specifications (female, short-hair, friendly, not afraid of dogs or loud boys) before Tinks has a complete mental breakdown.

14. As usual, my Monday To Do list is worse than any other day of the week.

15. This is because it's the only day I have where I don't have to go to my day job and the kids are in school, giving me precious blocks of uninterrupted time.

16. I saw a package of chocolate-covered gummy bears in Walgreens last week.

17. Seriously, candy-making-folks, this is sooo not a good idea.

18. Only totally desperate chocolate addicts (Hi Mom!) and small children who are so insanely grateful to have candy--any candy!--in their clutches will eat this travesty.

19. The rest of us, if we gather the courage to try it at all, will gag and spit it out.

20. Reader Question: What's an interesting question for an upcoming poll on this blog?


  1. How about whether your readers want you to publish Dying To Remember so we can buy it? E-book, self-pup, whatever. I read the chapters on Amazon and I really want to know how it ends!

  2. What's worse is I've seen the chocolate covered gummi bears called "Muddy Bears" with an obligatory picture of goopy brown dripping over the bears and an all-too-happy teddy splotched up as well.

  3. Questions hmmm....

    How about what's your favorite piece of ancient writing?

  4. Chocolate covered gummy bears? That is simple wrong. How dare they ruin MY candy with disgusting chocolate!

    I wish I could teleport the DS Lites to the kids. At least your getting practice for the road trip, "Are we there yet," chorus. (Seriously, I just had to add the word teleport to the dictionary on here. How unimaginative.)

    I look forward to the Top 10 lists.

    As for poll questions...hmm...all I can think of are ones I would do for the handbook. Sorry.


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