Thursday, April 23, 2009

It All Started With A Shoe

I'd love to own a pair of these shoes. That's probably an understatement. I'd take out any prospective shoe buyer standing between me and this pair of shoes using nothing but the bits and pieces of whatever flotsam lurks at the bottom of my handbag--pennies, used popsicle sticks (yes, my children view me as a walking trash receptacle), and dental floss. So, it will not surprise you that when I saw this pic, I snatched it up, drooled over it a bit, and then realize my covetous thoughts were turning in an entirely unexpected direction.

What if these shoes belonged to an elf queen?

What if they were magic shoes?

What if wearing these shoes would give a mortal the power to rule all Magical beings--at least until someone pried them off her feet?

And that, for me, is how a story is born. An image, a line from a song, a stray thought and my imagination is off and running. Which is why I think for writers (or artists of any kind) surrounding oneself with things that inspire us is important.

Collect pictures that spark your imagination. Open a file of quotes, poems, and phrases that captivate your mind. Keep everything that speaks to you because one day, a picture of a shoe could be the start of a best-selling series.

Now, off to discover where to buy these shoes...


  1. How very right you are. (About the writing part. I can't claim to be excited over the picture. [Not that I am saying others shouldn't be.]) Good luck in your quest.

  2. Very cool idea for a story. I think I may be horribly close to having my girl card revoked. I just don't love shoes. I don't even LIKE shoes, probably because they don't make comfortable and cute shoes for my uber wide hobbit feet (hubby wears a size 13 and my size 8s are just as wide if that gives you a frame of reference). But I am always entertained by such heroines, so maybe that counts.

  3. Now you see why I told you to stay away from the tornadoes no matter how much you wanted the ruby red heels.

    Those shoes are amazing, however, my thoughts immediately turn to what the dress to match would look like. I love shoes, but I love fancy dresses even more.

    I keep a file of pictures that either inspire or hold descriptive pieces of my characters. It's all about what spurs me on as a writer.

    Kait - don the plether suit & your girl card can never be revoked.

  4. Oh I love it when I get a good case of the "what is!"

  5. Oh, those are cool like the south pole, baby.

  6. Dare I admit it on your blog, but shoes don't inspire me. My daughter, the Fashion Queen, goes ga-ga over shoes all the time, though, so I figure you still might speak to me knowing that I didn't taint the next generation with my ho-hum attitude toward footwear.

    I am, however, inspired by words. The walls in my office are filled with words and inspiring sayings. In fact, I just strolled the shops on the historic main street of my Gold Rush town today and picked up a few more gems to add to my Wall of Inspiration.

    And I will admit, those are pretty cool shoes--even for a mere mortal.

  7. Dude, it's not where to buy them, but which of the kids you're going to sell to get them. $28,000! For shoes! I've never spent that much on a CAR!

    *lies down until palpitations subside*


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