Friday, May 29, 2009

The Fate Trilogy

Today, I put together blurbs for the next two books in the Fate trilogy so my awesome agent Holly could use them in the submission process if necessary. I'll post these with the following caveat:

Warning! Pantser in Progress! Plot subject to change for no good reason!

Twisting Fate:

Grace McLeod—half human/half monster out of Greek mythology, wife to math teacher Ian McLeod, mom to little Anna—is losing her mind to the one person who knows her better than she knows herself: her twin, Vincent. All the medication in the world can’t drown out Vincent’s sly cruel voice and when he begins attacking people through Grace, she leaves her family without explanation and goes into hiding, determined to cut herself off from those Vincent longs to hurt. Unswayed by her husband’s pleas or Vincent’s anger, Grace lives in a fog of anti-depressants and fear until one phone call changes everything: Anna has been kidnapped. And Grace knows who’s responsible.

Now Grace and Ian must work together, though their marriage is fractured, to rescue Anna from the monster who’s come to claim her bloodline. But rescuing Anna means allowing Vincent to be more than just a sadistic voice whispering in Grace’s mind and Vincent has an agenda of his own. Grace and Ian must unite to stop Vincent’s bid for supernatural power, defeat the monster who craves the magic running through Grace’s blood, and rescue Anna before she becomes the enemy.

Breaking Fate:

Meaghan Callahan’s supernatural abilities didn’t protect her from a childhood spent in foster care. They didn’t protect her from the men who wanted her teenage body for their own. But they’re going to protect the only person she’s ever loved—her adopted sister Leigh. Too old for foster care, Meaghan runs cons to keep a roof over her head and stays in close contact with Leigh, determined that her sister have the bright future Meaghan can’t see for herself. When Ryan Cutter comes to town, sporting his own set of supernatural abilities and knowing far more about Meaghan than any stranger should, she tries every con in the book to get him to leave. But when Leigh disappears without a trace in broad daylight, Ryan is the only one Meaghan can turn to for help.

Together they learn the rules of an ancient war where the currency is stolen Magic and the prize is death. Uniting with others who share the Magic running through their blood, Meaghan and Ryan discover that rescuing Leigh will open the floodgates to a bloody war they are ill-equipped to win. Can Meaghan run one last con to defeat a monster born out of Greek mythology, rescue her sister, and stop a demon army from taking as blood payment the only man she’s ever loved?


  1. You write nice synopses. I hope it is genetic, but I doubt it. Can't wait to read all Fates!

  2. Alright, there are three highlights of this post that put me into OMGWTFBBQMARIOSMASHKART mode (it's a good thing, really):
    1. Vincent. That has to be my. All. Time. Favorite. Name. Evar. No kidding. So, over nine thousand points for using the hottest name in the record of history. Grats.
    2. Anti-depressants. I believe you've broken the Awesome Counter.

  3. Heather - It's an acquired skill. One I've worked hard for these last few years. I truly, truly sucked at them for a while.

    AngDot- Very cool! I'm glad these look interesting to you. :)

  4. You DO write lovely synopses. I'm very excited and can't wait to read them!

  5. These stories sound awesome! I look forward to reading them. :)

  6. Great ideas and what a nice job to use so few words to make the plot clear--- but without giving too much away. Color me impressed!

  7. I want to read these. Now. Yesterday. Last week.


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