Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Alive!

1. I used this pic today because my writing To Do list has teeth. At least for today.

2. If I finish everything on my list today, I will feel significantly less stress and tomorrow will be a fun research TF, SK, and T10 day!

3. Yes, those are the next three novels I'm working on, though most of my time and effort is going into TF since I'm hoping to be under contract for the Fate series soon.

4. This past weekend was jam packed, although mostly with good stuff.

5. Weekends, for me, start on Saturday morning since I work Friday nights.

6. And speaking of work--FYI to the gentleman sporting the mullet and the Real Men Drink Tennessee Whiskey wife beater who ate in my section and bemoaned your inability to find a good woman: You've already got two strikes against you. Wadding up your chewing gum, smooshing it onto the table, and announcing you're saving it for later is the nail in the coffin of your marriage prospects, my friend.

7. I am soooo going to write a series set in the south. There's way too much comedic material available to pass it up.

8. Saturday morning, I taught a workshop on writing authentic characters using three schools of thought from theatrical acting to the chapter meeting of MCRW.

9. It went well and I have to thank Danielle Mari for being an incredible source of info. Most of the workshop's success is due to her.

10. Saturday evening, hubby and I attended the Elton John/Billy Joel Face to Face concert.

11. He's always wanted to see Billy Joel in concert. I can't stand Billy Joel's music (Except for Piano Man). *shrugs* However, it was a chance to have a date night and so I went.

12. There were very entertaining moments and truly those two are a dying breed: the singer/songwriter/musician extraordinaire you rarely see anymore.

13. I will admit to a few moments of sardonic sacrilege on my part.

14. Like the time Elton was belting out Crocodile Rock and the entire crowd (minus yours truly) was chanting La, la, la, la, la, la and I turned to my hubby and said "Somewhere in the world, bin Laden is watching a tape of this and banging his head against the wall screaming 'Why can't we just annihilate them already? It should be so easy!'"

15. But Elton can rock pink satin and rhinestones like nobody's business, Billy Joel is talented at getting the crowd to feel like it's a small, private venue, and on the songs I didn't know or just didn't like, I tuned out and got some pretty amazing plotting done on my upcoming WIPs.

16. We spent all day Sunday at Beech Bend Park in Kentucky as a family.

17. It was a great day and I'll share the highlights as this Friday's Top Ten list.

18. Now, I'm off to put in another load of laundry and start checking off the many items on my writing To Do list today.


  1. Glad your workshop went well.

    I hope you take a serious bite out of your To-do list so you can have fun plotting and researching tomorrow.

    I'll add my last comment and duck out in a hurry. I like Billy Joel.

  2. Katy - Thought you'd like that.

    Keli - You don't have to duck! :) I appreciate that he's an incredibly talented musician and songwriter. I'm just not into the story-telling song. I love songs that usher me into someone's heart and his don't do that for me. But hubby loves him so you're in good company.

  3. So glad it went well, friend. Thank you for the thank you.


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