Monday, May 11, 2009

Look Before You Leap

1. I had a very nice Mother's Day.

2. Earlier that week, NOT in the context of giving gift ideas for Mother's Day, I told my hubby I really, really wanted an electric pencil sharpener.

3. I despise our current manual sharpener because the end is too big so you never really get pencils anything more than sort-of sharp and I like very sharp pencils.

4. So...the first present I opened on Mother's Day was an electric pencil sharpener.

5. I have no one to blame but myself.

6. If I'd rhapsodized on and on about wanting, say, a new bookcase or a new pair of stilettos, my day would have gone much differently.

7. What does it say about me that I was totally jazzed to get the pencil sharpener?

8. Oy.

9. Starshine wrote a Mother's Day poem to me which included the phrase "You are smooth like butter."

10. Apparently something needed to rhyme with "mother."

11. On Saturday morning, Starshine woke me up by handing me Spastic Kitten.

12. Spastic Kitten was oddly damp.

13. Starshine then proceeded to tell me the following: "Sam needs a bath. She jumped into the toilet while I was peeing."

14. *pause for appropriate motherly over-reaction*

15. Hopefully, I've impressed upon him the dire importance of alerting me to Spastic Kitten's unfortunate situation before shoving her into bed with me.

15. I read Lilith Saintcrow's (writing as Lili St. Crow) new YA novel STRANGE ANGELS this weekend and absolutely adored it.

16. The heroine had a strong, unique voice, the characters came alive off the page, her world-building was superb (as always), and there was so much action, I couldn't bear to put the book down.

17. Reader Question: Read any good books lately? Which ones would you recommend?


  1. *falls over laughing*

    I think if you put a book together with stories about your sons, you'd make millions.

  2. I recently finished the first book in The Percy Jackson Series (The Lightning Thief). I'm coming close to finishing Watchers by Dean Koontz. Ironically, my favorite character in Watchers is the psychotic assassin. I also finished Milkweed last week, I can't be bothered to look up the author, but the book is set during the Holocaust. Ironically, my favorite character in Milkweed is the somewhat masochistic, grim-faced teenager Enos. I like them all, but so far Watchers is my favorite. Milkweed had a crummy, use-your-imagination-because-the-author-has-no-interest-in-sharing-what-actually-happened-to-everyone-else ending, and The Lightning Thief was a smidge below my reading level.

  3. Thanks to your tireless trio, your life is anything but dull. You cracked me up as usual.

    And, hey, I like super sharp pencils too, so I think an electric sharpener was a great gift. Don't have one myself, though, since I'm a mechanical pencil kinda gal. Here's to getting write to the point.

    Leaves before the groans become deafening. :)

  4. ND- lol Until they grew up and each demanded a third of my earnings. :)

    AngDot - I'm impressed with your recs. As usual, you sound vastly more mature than your age would suggest.

    Keli - I pegged you as a sharp pencil girl myself. :)

  5. What does it say about me that all my pencil sharpeners are PowerPuff Girl paraphernalia?

    I would think after the plunger on the couch forewarning, you would have been, well, forewarned.

  6. As far as good books go, try Shadowfall by James Clemens.

  7. Listen, smarty-pants, I was ASLEEP.

    There was no warning at all.

  8. I don't like pencils. *grins*

    Hmmm, just read Relentless by Lauren Dane and loved it. (erotic sci-fi, so not everyone's cup of tea)

    Also just finished The Soldier King by Violette Malan. Straight up fantasy, it was ... okay. I think that's more my issue than the author's.


  9. Most recent life-changing book event: Watchers by Dean Koontz, ninth chapter, part two, which made me cry. Considering the only other work of art in form of a film was Click with Adam Sandler, this was kind of surprising and a little nauseating.


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